How To Uninstall QuickBooks? Simple & Effective Steps

QuickBooks is developed by Intuit and offers a line of products to cater to the varied requirements of the users. The list includes QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Cloud Hosted version of the program. It is highly preferred among small to mid-sized business owners. The software offers a myriad of accounting and bookkeeping features to the users to make their processes efficient. Despite all the advantages, the program is not devoid of problems, which is obvious for software. If you want to uninstall QuickBooks completely from your system, navigate this post until the end.

Possible Reasons For Uninstalling The QuickBooks Desktop

There can be multiple factors that can make you want to uninstall QuickBooks from your machine. Some of the main reasons are stated in the below-given list:

• When QuickBooks won’t start on your PC, hampering your workflow.
• QuickBooks is unable to load its own programs and crashes.
• Partial or damaged installation of the program.
• When a hard drive crashes or is replaced by another hard drive.
• A malefic attack from the virus or malware that corrupts the QuickBooks installation.
• When you want to install QuickBooks on a different computer.

Irrespective of the reason, you need to perform the steps carefully when uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop application.

Things You Need To Consider Before Uninstalling QuickBooks

QuickBooks stores your crucial accounting data and manages your day-to-day accounting management tasks. Before you delete QuickBooks, you need to ensure the safety of your data. Besides, the right course of action should be considered before getting the job done. Below are some of the important considerations you need to keep in mind before you uninstall QuickBooks from your system:

• Are you willing to reinstall QuickBooks after the uninstall process?
• What will happen to your data after uninstalling QuickBooks?
• Do you want to install QuickBooks on a different computer?
• How can you delete QuickBooks completely from your machine?
• Create a backup of your QuickBooks company file.
• Keep your product and license number with you before starting QuickBooks uninstallation.

Keep these important points in mind before proceeding any further with the uninstallation process to keep it smooth and disruption-free.

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How To Create A Backup of QuickBooks Company File?

It is recommended to save a backup of the QuickBooks company file before you uninstall QuickBooks from your PC. It will save your important accounting data from loss or damage. Below are the steps:

• Open the QuickBooks Desktop application to start the backup process.
• Next, go to the File menu and then use the Backup Company Option to create a local backup.
• Click the Next button and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the backup.

Where To Get QuickBooks License and Product Number?

Having your product and license number handy will help when re-installing QuickBooks on your computer after uninstalling it. Open QuickBooks and press F2 or CTRL + 1 keys together on your keyboard, and it will open the Product Information window. In this window, you can locate your product registration information, including your product and license numbers. After having it, you may proceed further with the QuickBooks uninstall procedure.

Steps To Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop Software 

Now that you are aware of all the important aspects of uninstalling the program, below are the steps you need to perform with full attention to uninstall QuickBooks:

• Go to Windows Start and click Settings to open the Control Panel.
• Next, click on Programs and Features to move further in the procedure.
• On this list of the installed programs, locate QuickBooks and then select it.
• Thereafter, click Change/Remove Programs or Uninstall option.
• Now click OK when you are prompted to do so, and now you can uninstall QuickBooks software.
• In the same listing Add/Remove Programs, you may find the QuickBooks Product and remove it using the Change/Remove Programs or Uninstall option.
• Click OK to finish the task.

What To Do If QuickBooks Won’t Uninstall? 

If you are unable to uninstall the QuickBooks application, You can get it done manually. In this procedure, you need to manually rename the existing installation folders by following the below-described list:

• First of all, uninstall the QuickBooks application.
• Thereafter, display the files that are hidden.
• Now go to the Windows Start menu and then search for File Explorer and open it once found.
• Thereafter, navigate to the folder containing the QuickBooks company file.
• Now right-click on the folder having the QuickBooks company file.
• The right-clicking will open a drop-down menu, and you have to select the Rename option.
• Here, add .OLD at the end of the folder name.
This will stop QuickBooks from trying to open the folder when you reinstall the program.

How To Reinstall QuickBooks?

• Click on the download link, and it will take you to the download page where you can download a suitable version of QuickBooks.
• Save the file to a location where you can easily run it to install.
• Once saved, open the download folder and click on the QuickBooks.exe file.
• Follow the instructions given on the screen and then agree to the license agreement.
• Click the Next button to move ahead.
• Now open the program to activate QuickBooks.
• From within the Help menu, you need to select Activate QuickBooks Desktop option.
• Follow the on-screen instructions and verify your info.

These steps will help you in re-installing the QuickBooks application once you uninstall it.

What Happens To Your QuickBooks Company File After Uninstalling The Program?

If you are worried about your company file when deleting QuickBooks software, just fret not! Uninstalling the program will not delete your QuickBooks company file from your computer. It will only clear your QuickBooks software. However, you need to create a backup of your company file for caution.

Final Words!

There are various instances when you may need to uninstall QuickBooks from your computer. Some common instances are discussed in this post. Besides it also describes the cautionary measures to take when uninstalling QuickBooks and the steps to complete the procedure. If you are facing any difficulty in uninstalling QuickBooks or have other related queries, just get in touch with us. We will help you with the best solutions based on your issues.

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