Reduce Your Stress of Handling Accounting and Payroll-Related Tasks

Now, don’t take much stress on your shoulders to manage your company accounts or payroll. Instead, get expert assistance to reduce your time and boost your company’s overall productivity.

Rapid Resolved Services

Accounting software plays a major role as it helps streamline day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Moreover, accounting and other financial activities are the pillars by which every organization stood by. Cloud hosting is the best way to easily host accounting software on remote servers utilizing the IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) business model. Moreover, it is a process to transfer data to the cloud and then return it to the user once it is processed.
Data Recovery

Data Migration

Many small and medium-sized businesses must transfer their existing data from old devices to new ones. In short, it means migration of the files from one application to another, or from one version to another, etc. In that scenario, it is necessary to do the data migration safely so that your crucial data won’t get into the wrong hands leading to misuse or manipulation.

Cloud Hosting

Businesses often require cloud hosting so that they can get access to their data files sitting anywhere with a stable internet connection. Moreover, it increases work flexibility as well as data accessibility. Eventually, it will increase the overall business profitability rate, which is beneficial for the organization. Therefore, it is mandatory to get the best cloud hosting services for your organization which would help the company's growth.

Data Recovery

At times, users fail to access their company data or lose it due to technical issues with the network. However, losing the crucial data might cause a great problem for you, and it won’t be less than a nightmare. While some technical glitches are easy to fix, some are hard to tackle. It’s the best time to connect with highly-certified accounting professionals to recover data.

Rapid Resolved Services

Our Service is a cloud-based field service management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses in the service industry.

Merits of Choosing Rapid Resolved Services

Top-Notch Security

Data security is a major concern for the people in the organization as it may cause a huge loss to their organization. Therefore, it is essential to handle the responsibility of data encryption to password protection. Eventually, it would benefit you to safeguard your data from getting into the wrong hands


Cloud hosting gives you scalability so that you can easily overcome with the company's growth and can get access to the new features launched. Also, it will allow making the necessary adjustment regarding RAM, bandwidth, or storage as per your comfort on multiple servers. Moreover, it will also assist you with quick resource allocation.

Automatic Software Updates

Now, you don’t have to worry about software updates while using them to fulfilling your accounting needs. This is so because we provide you with the automatic software updates so that they will automatically get installed whenever new updates are launched. Thus, it would help you enhance your overall accounting and payroll experience.

Access From Anywhere

With the help of our cloud hosting services, you can easily operate your application, data file, and documents remotely. In short, it helps you manage the bill, cost estimating, and project handling from sitting anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Hence, it would help you in making your accounting task more convenient.

Save Your Precious Time

Now, you don’t have to spend more time in recovering the damaged or lost files or with the data migration process. As, we provide you with the best services using which data migration and recovery processes have become easier. Thus, businesses don’t have to worry more about data security and safety.


Many businesses completely rely on the cloud-hosting for data security and safety. This is so because the cloud-hosting provides its users with the proper data encryption and password protection facility to enhance security. Ultimately, it gives the surety of never compromising data security as it is the utmost priority for the users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

With the help of the cloud hosting services, you don’t have to worry much about data safety and security. Even you can also restore your data that might damage accidentally. 

Your company data will be either stored or backup is created automatically on the cloud itself, and the data won’t get stored on your local C drive. 

You can get your hands on the following benefits by utilizing Cloud Hosting services.

1. With cloud hosting services, you can keep your data safe and secure using a password protection feature.

2. Now, you can easily access your files and documents from anywhere and at anytime with a good internet connection.

3. You don’t have to generate the backup of the data file as it gets automatically gets back up. Thus, you can use a duplicate copy of it from the cloud in case of data loss.

The time taken by the data migration during the data migration process is entirely dependent upon the company file size. If the file size is greater in time, it will take longer than usual. 

Absolutely, Yes. Now you can easily restore your lost or damaged data files using data recovery services. Thus, it would help you safeguard your important data from being misused. 

No, you don’t have to worry about the data damage, as it remains safe and secure during the migration process. Thus, you can easily transfer the data from the old computer to the new one before worrying about data loss or damage.

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