Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

With our efficient service providers, we can be your technology partners in the long run. We are ready to assist you with all sorts of accounting and bookkeeping activities. We provide value for money services that are economical and reliable. Since we do not believe that one solution fits all, that is why we provide personalized solutions for all. We care for everyone’s needs and requirements. We are flexible enough to work with you at your office, online, or our workplace. You can fully rely on us with your finances and pay attention to other important things.

We at (company name) are grateful to you for choosing us to serve you QuickBooks services and offers. It is advisable that you thoroughly read the below terms and conditions. It is a legal agreement between you and (company name). It is an agreement to all our services, installations, and access/ use of services. After agreeing to all the terms and conditions, you agree to all the terms and conditions of our services themselves. If you do not accept all our terms and conditions, then you may not use our services.

General Terms

The Agreement clearly describes our terms and conditions regarding the use of QuickBooks and other support services stated on the website. These services include updates, new releases, references, content, and all other vital information.

Payments for all services will be charged in US dollars. The amount shall be debited after you subscribe to our services and provide us with your payment details. All the information regarding payment details is mentioned in payment terms or service agreements on the website.

Any of the following methods can be used for Payment :

  • Any valid Credit Card is acceptable at
  • Any valid Debit Card is acceptable at
  • Any valid PayPal Account
  • It is crucial to keep in mind that there should be sufficient funds in the account to enable debit of the amount.
  • You can also avail of other payment methods that are already issued by the company in writing.
  • If the payment details are incomplete, then you are requested to kindly notify us of the same. Failure to do so might render your account suspended. It can also be terminated without any access to services in the near future.
  • If we are not notified about any updates regarding your payment information, we may contact the card provider for a smooth flow of uninterrupted Payment of services. Once you authorize us, we will resume billing you with similar updated details.
  • We won’t be automatically renewing our services unless it is clearly mentioned in the Agreement.
  • If any additional comments or renewal terms are introduced, you will get informed about the same on our official website.
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