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We are dedicated to offering you the most trustworthy and reliable services. We nurture a strong relationship with our worldwide customers. We wholeheartedly respect the privacy of our clients, and that's the reason why we always assure all of them that their data and information is 100% safe and secure with us. Whether it is financial detail, personal detail, or copyright details, everything is well protected by us. So, rest assured while putting your trust in us.

Check out the list of data and information that we collect from our clients when they agree to make great use of our products and services :

  • For the sole purpose of sales, support, payment, and registration, we ask our clients to share some personal information like email address, phone number, credit card number, shipping/billing address, and their name.
  • As a part of our service, we collect data and information related to the account and purchase.
  • For dedicated and reliable assistance, we ask for clients' personal information like their Names and Contact Details to bridge communication.
  • We also collect the feedback and chats of users as per their demographic data to serve them in a more enhanced way.

Information Protection

Our dedication to well protect our client's personal information from any kind of misuse or unauthorized use is unquestionable as we implemented advanced safety safeguards to make sure that all data and information collected by us is 100% safe. Not only this, but we are also making great use of internal and external resources to protect your data from third-party elements. Financial data and information like credit card numbers or anything else are well encrypted from the point when you transmit it with us. Keep your faith in us without any hesitation. We assure you of 100% Data and Information Protection.

Information Use

  • At Rapid Resolved, you can rest assured as we never sell our client's data and information to any third party without their consent.
  • Whether it is personal or financial information, everything is well protected, and we use such information with the sole purpose of serving you with our dedicated and reliable services.
  • We also use the pieces of information to enhance our service's quality and introduce new things.
  • When it comes to maintaining the history of your activities and the services that you are enjoying from us, then also, we make use of your information.
  • We can also make good use of your information to explain our services to other prospects or clients in detail. But, we use your information in such a way that they cannot identify you in any way.


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Alino Grage

I always count on rapidresolved for reliable and trustworthy accounting and book keeping services. I am partnering with rapidresolved for the last 2 years and you can easily guess how reliable their service can be to keep me hooked up to their service for such a long time. Highly Recommended.

Luka duge

I run a start-up and I never knew how important accounting management is and once I noticed the shortage of data in my company, I was really very worried about it. I discussed this with my friend who also run a start-up and then he introduced rapidresolved to me for systematical management of accounts and cash flow data. I am really very satisfied with their service. Thank you, rapidresolved for your Good work!

We are helping your business with everything. Starting from data recovery to manage your loans, we can do much more for you. Rapid Resolved is a renowned firm which dedicatedly delivers its services to its customers to positively improve their work productivity. Our team is fully certified by intuit and authorized to resell and few specific products of intuit company.