Cloud Hosting

Now, you won’t have to take much load of creating the backup, as it is created automatically on the Cloud. Thus, it eliminates data security by acquiring our password-protected cloud-hosting services.

    Get an Insight Into the Cloud Hosting

    Cloud-hosting allows multiple users to work on the same company file at the same time with a good internet connection. Also, it helps businesses save time, which they usually invest in sending different links for the same company file to the users. Moreover, it also helps reduce the stress of manually preparing the backup of the file as all the data gets stored on Cloud itself. Also, it only occupies a little space in your system while storing the files.

    Reasons Why You Must Choose Our Cloud-Hosting Services

    Ease of Use

    It is very easy to operate cloud hosting services as you don't require much technical knowledge. In short, users can easily operate the cloud-hosting services to store their company data. Moreover, it allows the users to work on the same company file multiple users with a stable internet connection.

    Cost Savings

    Many businesses have to invest a lot of money while purchasing hardware, and RAM due to the need for more storage space. But, with the cloud-computing, you don't have to spend on the hardware and can generate the backup on the Cloud. Thus, it will only take up a little storage space and help save money.

    Team Collaboration

    Cloud hosting is a team collaboration method that allows employees to work together on the same company file simultaneously. Moreover, it allows the team members to make changes in one particular document from any location. Thus, it eliminates the chaos that creates while sending different versions of the same documents.

    Automatic Updates

    Now, the time has gone when you must invest a lot of time installing software updates. Cloud hosting automatically updates and takes care of everything from security updates to routine management. Moreover, it automatically frees up space to easily store more company data, thus eliminating the time spent installing manual updates.

    24x7 Support

    The best thing about Rapid Resolved Services is that we provide you with round-clock assistance. In short, if you get stuck while using cloud hosting, you can connect with our experts irrespective of the time. Our professionals will look into the matter deeply and suggest an instant resolution to get it fixed.

    Data Security

    With cloud hosting, you won't have to think much about data security as your data remains safe and secure. Cloud-hosting provides a complete password protection feature that helps safeguard data from getting into the wrong hands. Moreover, it also offers data encryption, which makes it more difficult to crack the data.

    Who Must Go For Cloud-Hosting Services?

    Cloud hosting is good for organizations requiring near-perfect uptime and wishing to grow their servers as they see fit without further delays. Moreover, using the topmost quality cloud hosting providers can provide robust security and high-speed site performance. In addition to this, small and medium-sized companies are the ones who get benefit from the flexibility of the cloud servers.

    Security Tips For Cloud Hosting

    Cloud hosting is one of the most reliable and powerful options for those seeking flexibility and transparency from their host. With the help of cloud hosting, users are not liable to the resource restrictions of a single server; you can run it on multiple physical servers. Below are some key facts you must know to reduce the chance of data breaches and make the most out of cloud-hosting services.

    How Can You Get The Best Cloud-Hosting Service Provider?

    Before choosing the cloud provider, ensure your organization’s requirements and evaluation criteria are unique. However, there are some common areas that you must look into during the service provider assessment. Go through the pointers below attentively to find the best cloud-hosting service provider that would benefit your organization.

    Certifications and Compliances

    The first thing you must be aware of is that it is essential to look for service providers that work according to recognized standards and quality frameworks. The standards might not help the users recognize which service provider they opt for, but it might be beneficial for you in shortlisting the potential suppliers.

    Technologies and Service Roadmap

    You must ensure that your providers follow the latest technologies to meet your cloud objectives. Also, you must check that your cloud architectures, standards, and services match your workload and management preferences. Additionally, you must look into how much re-coding or customization can fulfill your workload preferences.

    Data Security and Management

    Data security plays a major role as it is an essential asset for every successful organization. Therefore, looking for service providers that give you complete control regarding the area where your data is placed, processed, and managed is necessary. The cloud service providers must be transparent regarding their data center locations, and the users must know about that data location.

    SLAs and Contracts

    The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) comprise three main components i.e., service level objectives, remediation policies and penalties/incentives related to the objectives, and exclusions & caveats. Mainly, the SLAs specify how you can identify the issues and fix it and by whom in what time duration.

    Reliability & Performance

    To verify the reliability of your service provider, look for the performance of your provider against their SLAs for up to the past 6-12 months. Also, ensure that the monitoring and reporting tools are sufficient to combine them with your overall management and reporting systems easily.

    Customizable Plans

    The users should look for a cloud-hosting service provider that provides customizable plans fulfilling their requirements. Before finalizing the service provider, it is important to do a deep research of all the available providers offering you the best plans. An ideal service provider would be easy to fit into the larger ecosystem.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Shared hosting is mainly a hosting solution in which numerous websites share the same server resources, keeping costs low. Cloud hosting allows you to spread the data across widely distributed virtual servers so that you can work on the same file simultaneously.
    HostGator, IONOS, and DreamHost are some of the best cloud hosting services. Every service solution provides you with a strong value for the number and features offered by them.
    Yes, the cloud-hosting is a secure platform comprising strong encryption protocols, firewalls, restricted data access processes, and a secure cloud server.
    The main feature of cloud hosting is that it allows multiple users to work on the same document or file sitting anywhere as long they are connected with a stable internet connection.
    Mainly, cloud hosting is utilized by the websites of eCommerce stores, news publications, search engines, social networks, and other high-traffic projects.
    Using the managed cloud hosting, your service provider will assist you with essential site management tasks like site configuration, backups, server monitoring, security, and website migration. Moreover, some providers also give fully managed cloud hosting services.
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