Rectify QuickBooks Error TD500 Using These Simple Hacks

Sometimes, users might encounter QuickBooks Error TD500 when they have multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on their device. Also, it might take place while processing a credit card in QuickBooks. However, the users might strike with an error message upon the arrival of the error, which symbolizes:

“There was a problem with your update”.

Well, it’s pretty sure that the QuickBooks Error Code TD500 may hamper your ongoing work, and you need to figure it out asap. For that, we have discussed simple techniques to resolve the issue.

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What should you do to fix QuickBooks Update Error TD500?

Below we have described some of the easy and user-friendly solutions using which you can easily deal with the QuickBooks Error TD500.

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Option 1: Installation of the Repair File and Uninstallation of QuickBooks 2016

The users have to opt for this option only if they are not accessing QuickBooks 2016 anymore. By uninstalling the QuickBooks application, it won’t wipe out all your company data files. Go through the below-listed procedure carefully and perform the entire task.

1. Launch the Product Information window by hitting the F2 key. From the same screen, search and then write down the version of QuickBooks presently using.
2. Exit from the QuickBooks application and verify that all of them are closed if you are accessing multiple versions.
3. Press the Windows key, navigate to the Control Panel, and then launch the Control Panel.
4. Following this, opt for the programs and Features or Uninstall a Program.
5. Afterwards, choose QuickBooks Desktop 2016 or QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0 and click Uninstall/Change. Act as per the instructions visible on the screen. If you don’t get this option, logout from Windows and log in as a Windows Administrator.
6. Once you have successfully uninstalled QuickBooks 2016, you must download the repair file. You have to save the file at the location where it is easily accessible, like a desktop.
7. Now, tap on the file twice to unzip it and right-click on QuickBooks_fix_tdtool.bat. Then, opt for the highlighted Run as Administrator option.
8. When it’s over, you must launch the QuickBooks file that is creating the issue.
9. Finally, try to process the customer’s payment in the same way you usually do.

Option 2: Upgrade All QuickBooks Versions and Install the Repair File

Before proceeding further, press the F2 key to check the version of QB you are currently using. Also, verify that if you are using multiple versions, then you have closed all of them.

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Steps to Verify which version of QuickBooks you are presently using 

1. First of all, hover your cursor over the Windows menu.
2. You then need to scroll down to the letter Q.
3. After that, choose the down arrow to choose the QuickBooks Folder. Doing so will represent all of the QuickBooks versions you are presently accessing on your device.

Perform the steps mentioned below to install QuickBooks updates and repair files

1. Launch every version of QuickBooks one after the other and ensure you are using the updated one. The quick way to update the application is by choosing the Help menu followed by Update QuickBooks.
2. Once the QB is updated, you must get the repair file on your system. You are supposed to save the file where it is easily accessible.
3. After this, double-tap the file to unzip it and right-click on the file named QuickBooks_fix_tdtool.bat.
4. Furthermore, you must click on the Run as Administrator option.
5. After running the tool, access the QuickBooks version generating an error and follow the instructions you come across.
6. Ultimately, try to process your customer’s payment in the same way you usually do. Then, verify whether you are receiving the same error again or not.

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Drawing to a Conclusion!!

Through this post, we assure you that you have a better insight into resolving QuickBooks Error TD500. If you stumbled upon any of these steps and cannot proceed further, talk to our experts. You can mail our professionals to receive the best working solutions to the error.

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