How to Fix QuickBooks Error 102?

QuickBooks Error 102

QuickBooks error 102 is an online banking error that indicates some technical glitches/ issues with the bank’s website, leading to the failure to transfer data. This error usually arises with the QuickBooks online or Self-employed version. Error 102 is related to the bank’s website, such as server issues, technical faults, and ongoing maintenance.

We have some important information for you if you are also facing the QuickBooks online banking error 102. In this guide, we will take you to the causes and solutions that can help you eliminate the error. So, stay tuned and read the content till the end.

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Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 102

Let’s take a look at the list of possible reasons due to why a user may encounter error 102 in QuickBooks online;

  • Wireless network/ connectivity issues with the PC.
  • Wrong login credentials for online net banking can lead to QuickBooks error 102.
  • Server/ maintenance issues with the bank’s official website.
  • If online net banking is not activated on your bank account, it can provoke online banking errors.

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Ways to Identify QuickBooks Error 102

Given below is the list of the signs and symptoms through which you can easily identify the QuickBooks 102 online error;

  • A pop-up display message on the screen reflects error 102 in QuickBooks online.
  • QuickBooks is unable to connect with your bank or financial institution.
  • Facing issues in downloading or updating the financial transactions in your QuickBooks online account.
  • PC’s window is crashing or not responding.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Online Banking Error 102

After having a clear understanding of the possible reasons and symptoms of QuickBooks error 102, thereon, let’s take a look at the solutions that you can execute to fix QuickBooks online banking error 102;

Solution 1. Manually Update the Bank Connections

By manually updating the bank connections within 24 hours, you can easily resolve QuickBooks error 102. Here are the steps that you can follow to update bank connections in QuickBooks manually;

In QuickBooks Online Account >
  • First, you must sign in to your QuickBooks online account.
  • Then, navigate to the “Bookkeeping” section and click on the “Transactions” option.
  • After that, select the “Bank Transactions” option and click on “Banking.”
  • At last, click on the “Update” option to update the bank connections.
In QuickBooks Self-employed Account >

If you are facing error code 102 in your QuickBooks self-employed account, then given below are the steps that you can follow to update the bank connections manually;

  • First, you have to log in to your QuickBooks self-employed account.
  • Click on the “Profile” option and select the “Bank Accounts” option.
  • At last, end this process by clicking on the “Refresh All” option.

Once you have successfully updated the bank connections in your QuickBooks online/ self-employed account, try to perform the same task in which you face the QuickBooks error 102. If this method does not help you resolve the error, and the error still arises, then move to the next solution.

Solution 2. Check your Financial Institution or Bank’s Official Website

The next solution we recommend you follow to resolve QuickBooks error 10 is to check the bank’s official website to ensure everything is working fine at their end. Here are the instructions that you can follow to check the bank’s official website;

  • Firstly, you have to log in to your bank/financial website. If you face any issues accessing the website, you must connect with the bank about the next steps.
  • Find any notices, messages, notifications, or alerts to see if there is any server issue.
  • Try to access the account pages, history section, and transactions. If you find any issues accessing it, there might be network or connectivity issues.

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Solution 3. Connect your Bank/ Credit Card in QuickBooks Online

If  the bank account is not added to your QuickBooks online account, you may face various banking issues in your QuickBooks online account, and error code 102 is among them.

  • First, you have to login into your QuickBooks online account.
  • Thereon, click on the “Menu” option available on the left side of the screen, and then click on the “Banking” option.
  • If you are linking to a bank account for the first time, click on the search icon and find your bank name.
  • On the other side, if you are already linked to a bank account, you must click on the “Add Account” option and search for your bank name.
  • Select the bank from the list, and enter your online net banking login credentials.
  • After that, depending on your bank, you may be asked to complete the security verification steps and then click on the “Connect Securely” option.
  • Moving ahead, click on the bank symbol available at the left of your account to connect with it, and select your bank type/ credit card account from the drop-down menu list.
  • In a scenario, if you don’t have any existing account, then click on the “Add + New” option.
  • As you link your bank account for the first time, then QuickBooks will automatically download the online transactions from the last 90 days.
  • After downloading, you will be redirected to the banking page.

You can also check the downloaded transactions under the “Review” tab.

Once you are done with the solutions mentioned above, move to the QuickBooks online account and check for the presence of this error. After performing the above mentioned steps, the error online banking 102 will be terminated at this stage.

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