Stuck With QuickBooks Error 3120? Here’s How to Fix It With Ease.

QuickBooks lets the users record their banking transactions directly to the company file. But sometimes, users might confront QuickBooks Error 3120 while trying to record transactions with their company file. The users might end up with this error when the transaction the users want to add in the company file already exists. The error message that flashes on the user’s computer screen is as follows:

“Status code 3140 or 3120: The specified account is invalid or of the wrong type” 

If you are seeking immediate help to tackle QuickBooks Error 3120, then don’t worry anymore. This post will provide you with all the mandatory details required to troubleshoot the error.

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Factors That Might Results in QuickBooks Error Code 3120

The users might experience QuickBooks Error 3120 due to multiple reasons. So, to make you understand a few of them; we have listed some of them below.

1. There might be the possibility that there is damage in one of the customer/vendor names.
2. At times, it may pop-up due to duplicate customer/vendor names.
3. The accounts you are trying to utilize are mapped inappropriately.

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Essential Tips Before Fixing QuickBooks Desktop Error 3120 

There are few things you must be aware of before moving further to this blog’s main section, which is troubleshooting. Read the pointers given below closely to overcome the issue.

1. Firstly, you must ensure that the customer’s payment matches with the amount shown on the invoice sent.
2. Monitor that the actual payment of the customer and the amount on the invoice is the same as mentioned on the A/R account.
3. You must run InvoiceQuery to verify that the invoice with the particular TxnID exists in the database.

Verified Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Message 3120 

You can easily handle QuickBooks Error 3120 by performing the troubleshooting methods as per the cause of the error.

Fixation Method 1: Verify That The Accounts Are Mapped Appropriately 

Users might result in QuickBooks Error 3120 when the accounts are not mapped properly. So, to fix the issue, configure the accounts by applying the procedure below.

1. Launch the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and go to the File menu.
2. Following this, hover your cursor over the Preferences tab and then click the Company option.
3. Afterwards, select the Accounts option present below the Financial Menu.
4. Now, head towards the Basic and Advanced Menu to examine that the maps are mapped accurately. Further, hit the Save option to restore the required changes.

Note: If you notice that the account name is written within the brackets ([ ]). This will represent that your account is not mapped properly.
5. Then, you must run a financial exchange to sum up the process.

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Fixation Method 2: Combine the Duplicate Customer Names 

As mentioned above, users might confront QuickBooks Error 3120, if the duplicate customer’s names are visible in the vendor or customer lists. Go through the instructions given below to combine the duplicate customer names.

1. In the beginning, visit the Customer/Vendor page and browse the list.
2. You are supposed to right-click on the name you want to merge and then hit the Edit Customer option.
3. Afterwards, you must replace the customer’s/vendor’s name and add “Type Customer”. Later on, click OK and move toward the next step.
4. Consequently, the Merge window will pop up on your computer screen.
5. Subsequently, make the necessary changes to the Customer/Vendor name by inserting the original name and hit OK option.
6. Finally, try running the QuickBooks Desktop and see whether you are experiencing the same error.

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Final Thoughts!!

Hopefully, we assure you that by implementing the above-stated solutions, you can easily overcome QuickBooks Error 3120. If you are still trying to get through the same error, we advise you to contact our experts via live chat. Alternatively, drop an email to our professionals and get your issue resolved within the least time applicable.

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