How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing 2022? 

QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing

QuickBooks is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished accounting applications. However, it can’t be denied that the program has many issues. QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing 2022, which is also an error that emerges due to insufficient system requirements. Besides, some other factors can result in the error.

You must eradicate this issue immediately if you want to carry on your work without flaws. If you have any idea about this, QuickBooks stopped working; please read this article until the end without leaving out any major points.

QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing Error Explained

“QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing” is a situation that can cause utter frustration as it prevents users from completing their tasks. This problem arises when the application crashes, becomes sluggish, or freezes when someone tries to access their company files. It is not easy to find out the prime cause of this problem as there are many reasons behind it. However, a corrupted or damaged QuickBooks company file or your antivirus program can be considered to be the primary reason behind the error.

Reasons Responsible for QuickBooks Desktop Crashing and Stopping Working

QuickBooks isn’t a simple accounting software; it has many powerful accounting features. Hence, it is very difficult to find the exact cause that makes QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing. But we try to form a list of the reasons that stopped or crashed QB between ongoing tasks. Refer to the list of potential causes that can make QuickBooks keep Crashing:

  • Maybe, you are using an old computer that is not compatible enough with QuickBooks.
  • When the Internet connection is not working properly, the speed drops repeatedly.
  • In the instance of occurring corruption in the most crucial file, i.e., user.ini.
  • The outdated Windows or operating system version is used, whereas the recommended ones are Windows 10 and 11.
  • Presence of any type of random virus in the system.
  • Sometimes, several random unknown installed applications interrupt or appear as a hindrance in the QuickBooks process.
  • Most of the errors that are next to impossible to troubleshoot may cause the existence of “QuickBooks keeps crashing.”
  • You are using the sunset version of QuickBooks Desktop as it cannot fetch the new QuickBooks updates.

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Rectifying Procedures for Fixing QuickBooks keeps crashing.

QuickBooks 2022 keeps crashing is a common problem among users. So, various methods are listed here to eradicate this issue so people can easily eliminate the problem. But remember, before proceeding with these methods, you should create a backup of your data to protect it against damage or loss.

Here all the solutions to deal with QuickBooks keeps crashing are as follows.

First Solution: Update your QuickBooks with the latest updates available

For this, go with the steps for the same thing given here individually.

  • Look out for QuickBooks by navigating to where it is located. Click on it and go with the option “run as administrator.”
  • Then, the next window will appear, and you have to enter your account’s login credentials, like username or password.
  • When you enter your account, reach the “Help” tab. After clicking on it, a drop-down menu will open; go ahead with the option “Update QuickBooks Desktop.” As a result, then, you will witness the QuickBooks update window.
  • Click on the button “update now,” follow the instructions, and get QuickBooks updated with the latest version that Intuit releases.
  • After this, to start updating, you need to start QuickBooks again. Next to this, intuit will ask for confirmation before initiating the process.
  • “Install Update” is the next step until and unless you click on that tab, you didn’t install updates for your QuickBooks.
  • Once you have downloaded the latest version of QuickBooks, you should enact the same act that caused the Crashing issue. And check again for the issue to see if it is gone or still exists.

Second Solution: Take the assistance of the Quick Fix My Tool Program to tackle minor issues

Quick Fix My Tool came into existence to take care of the issues that QuickBooks have due to corruption and any harm to files. It will eradicate all the general issues of QuickBooks with a snap of the fingers.

  • Get your hand on QuickBooks Tool Hub to locate the Quick Fix My Program, but if you didn’t install it till now, then instantly get it.
  • In case of encountering any type of hurdle in searching out the Tool Hub application, navigate to the Help tab and go with QuickBooks Tool Hub. Then you will find the downloading page of Tool Hub.
  • Click on the link to download and run the downloaded file with the name, i.e., “QuickBooksToolHub.exe,” to initiate the installation process.
  • When the installation procedure gets ended, then run Tool Hub.
  • Reach the “Programs Problems” tab and proceed with Quick Fix My Program.
  • Hold back and relax until Quick Fix My Program tool takes care of the existing issues in the application. When it gets done, try to use QuickBooks to inspect whether you have faced the presence of those issues now or not.

Third Solution: Proceed to Rename the QBWUSER.ini File

When you think that the QBWUSER.ini file is responsible for QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing and Stopped Working, change this file’s name. To go ahead with this process, apply the given steps one by one:

  • Land your step in the folder where you saved this file, i.e., QBWUSER.ini. But, if you cannot find the folder or if it isn’t visible, then turn on the mode of appearing the hidden folders as well.
  • In that folder, when you witness that file, perform a right click on it to walk further by choosing the option to rename the file. You should go to change the name of the QBWUSER.ini file by adding old after the file’s name. So, once you finish with it, your QBWUSER.ini file will look like QBWUSER.ini old.
  • Conclude this solution by opening QuickBooks again and using it for a moment to see if QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing.

Fourth Solution: Lead to ensure that an updated version of QuickBooks exist

You might be aware of the fact that using an outdated version of Windows OS can cause trouble in running the program. In such a case, you must update your window versions released by Microsoft. When the task of updating the window gets completed, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Get away with your workstations again and then open your QuickBooks and company files again, on which you have to do some of your work. Take the usage of the files and app for a fixed period to witness that it doesn’t get closed or crash again.
  • If any login issues in QuickBooks Desktop emerge, check for them and try again.
  • The error while using QuickBooks will go away when your QuickBooks install smoothly on your device and run without interruption.

Fifth Solution: Begin the process of suppressing the QuickBooks Desktop Application

When any type of damage or harm happens to the company file, it will directly impact QuickBooks, and it gets closed instantly. Besides this, if you wish to confirm where this issue relies on. It means that either in QuickBooks or the company data file, it tries to open the previous company data file.

You have to press and hold the same time Ctrl key and double-click on the icon of QuickBooks Desktop. Ensure you wouldn’t leave those keys without seeing the “No Company Open” window on the screen before you. Apart from this, it might be the case that you can also witness QuickBooks desktop closing suddenly or getting crashed.

Sum up the process by choosing any company files and selecting the option that came by the name, i.e., open for results.

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In Essence..!

Fixing QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Crashing 2022 is an easy task, and there is no need to worry about it, as all the steps to tackle this is presented here. All you need to do is to go through these steps and then apply them to eliminate this problem. And if you do not understand anything or have any problem regarding this scenario, call us at +1-855-701-2729. We are here for you and assure you that you will receive assistance in any situation you are stuck in.

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