How To Mend QuickBooks Backup Error 2277?

There are several cases when a user experiences serious errors, such as the QuickBooks Backup Error 2277. You may get this error message on your computer screen when working with QuickBooks. This error commonly occurs while creating the backup of a company file. If you are experiencing the same trouble, you have arrived at the right place. This guide will explain different methods to fix QuickBooks Backup error 2277.

Elements Responsible For QuickBooks Backup Error 2277

1. Long File Name: If you have a file with a lengthy name, it can be one of the reasons for QuickBooks error code 2277. If the file name has over 65 characters, it will cause the backup to fail. Also, if the file contains a lot of underscores as well as special characters & spaces, the error message will show up when backing up the file. The recommended file name should not exceed 65 characters, and make sure that it has no space or special characters.

2. Long-drawn-out file path: The second main reason is storing the company’s file in a directory that follows a very long path, and the users end up with QuickBooks error message 2277 on their screen.

3. Improper Access Rights: When you try to move your QuickBooks backup into a flash drive or an external drive, or a directory, but you don’t have full Windows access rights, the error takes place. In this situation, the user is advised to create a backup on the Computer desktop or directory.

4. UserName Issue: One of the most common reasons for QuickBooks Backup error 2277 is when it is configured inappropriately during the setup. Most likely, the configuration issue deals with an invalid password & Windows user name.

5. QuickBooks Hosting Issue: Another common reason for QuickBooks Backup failure is when QuickBooks is set for a Multi-user process and has enabled hosting. However, the hosting procedure should be local to the system running QuickBooks backup. It means that the workstations can not run the QuickBooks backup. The QuickBooks Host system, especially the server computer, can launch the QuickBooks Backup.

6. Issues With the Application: The QuickBooks backup failure can also arise after installing or updating the recent QuickBooks version. And, if you are processing multi-version, then some versions can experience an issue with the Auto Backup ability to launch either a scheduled or Automatic backup.

What Are the Methods to Mend Backup Error 2277 in QuickBooks?

• Launch IDP Tool
• Insert Windows Firewall Ports
• Add Intuit-related sites as Trusted in Internet Explorer
• Clear the Cache, temporary files & Cookies, SSL state

Solution 1. Launch IDP Diagnostic Application

The Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic software helps users to verify the system memory, disk space, Windows components, and IDP versions. To fix the QuickBooks Backup error 2277, we will be using this application;

• First, open your Windows System & right-click on Intuit Data Protect.
• Click on the About Intuit Data Protect icon and Press the Ctrl+F2 keys to launch the Data Protect tool.
• Next, select launch diagnostics which will initiate the procedure of detecting an issue with a Firewall or third-party security software.
• Users must reconfigure the application to grant rights to the Intuit Data Protect files if the issue is detached.
• Now, navigate to the manufacturer’s website if the IDP tool has identified some problem with 3rd security software or firewall.

Solution 2. Upload Windows Firewall Ports

Firewall ports typically save your system from any threats, whereas Intuit data protect a connection to the internet using HTTP ports 80 and 443. We will add these Windows Firewall Ports for this method to fix the QuickBooks Backup error 2277.

• To start, click on the start menu, and from there, search for the control panel by typing it in the search dialog box.
• Now, you can search for the system & security and then Windows Firewall.
• You will now see the advanced settings of Windows, and then an Inbound Rules option will be available.
• Hit the “New Rule” option on the Window’s right lane.
• Next, you have to fill in the required dialog boxes, and once you do, Press Next.
• Follow the given steps when they appear on your Windows Firewall screen to complete the procedure for adding Windows Firewall Ports.
• Once you are done following the inbound rules, you must follow the same steps for the Outbound Rules.

Solution 3. Remove Clear Cache, Cookies, Temporary Files & SSL Status

Cache, cookies & temporary files & over time which are gathered on your Internet Explorer, can lead to the Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed Error message. This solution will help you to clear the Internet cache & cookies, temporary files, and SSL state.

• Firstly, Run Internet Explorer on your operating system.
• Then, Select the Tools>>Internet options. If the Tools option is hidden on your browser, use the Alt key to look for the hidden tabs.
• Go to the General tab from the Browsing History section, and click the Delete option.
• Now, you must select the checkboxes of the given options, such as; Temporary Internet files & website files, cookies & Website data, History, Form Data, & InPrivate Filtering.
• At the same time, unselect the maintain favorites and the Website data checkbox.
• Click the Delete Button to delete these items and select the Content button.
• In the end, click on the Clear SSL state and then Tap on the OK button.

Solution 4. Upload a Trusted Site

The intuit data protection backup issue can appear if the intuit site is seen as a threat to your internet explorer. Hence, we will be adding it as Trusted Site, and this procedure can help you to mend QuickBooks Backup Error 2277.

• First, Run your Internet Explorer on your operating system.
• Then, navigate to the Tools menu and then choose Internet options.
• Go to the security option to uncheck the Enable Protected mode checkbox.
• Select the Trusted Sites option and click on the Site button.
• Unselect the required server verification (HTTPS:) for all the sites in this zone checkbox.
• You can now add the following as trusted sites; and
• Once you are done adding sites, click the close button, navigate to the Privacy option, and select your sites.
• Next, you can use the Address of the Website box to add the following sites such as &
• Lastly, click on the OK button.

Last Words!

That; ‘s a wrap of this blog. We hope you find this helpful. The steps above will help you fix the QuickBooks Backup Error 2277. If you have related queries, contact our help desk and address your issue.

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