Overriding QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15102

QuickBooks payroll update error 15102 speaks for itself; an error that occurs when downloading or updating the latest payroll updates. QuickBooks is a highly preferred accounting solution that provides payroll features to users. To run your payroll processes smoothly, you need to get regular updates for the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service.

However, when downloading the updates, QuickBooks error 15102 can obstruct the process, thereby putting you in a perplexing situation. Here, you need to perform the right steps for the error resolution. We have listed some of the best solutions to eradicate this payroll update error in the program. Check it out!

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About QuickBooks Error Message 15102

The error code 15102 occurs when updating the QuickBooks payroll service. Using an outdated version can make you prone to several technical issues; therefore, updating the program is an imperative task. However, there are many factors that can hinder the update process, thereby promoting the related error code.

An unstable Internet connection and insufficient Windows Admin rights are some of the main reasons behind the error. Preventing measures can be taken to keep this error at bay; however, if you are already facing the QuickBooks error code 15102, then you will have to fix its possible reasons.

Possible Reasons Behind QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102

Now that the error is no more stranger to you let’s check out some possible reasons that can give rise to this issue. Some of the main reasons behind this update error are:

• When the download location path is not correct, it can cause an error.
• Sometimes, missing the download location for downloading an update can also bring forth this error.
• Running QuickBooks in multi-user mode is also one of the possible reasons behind this error.
• Insufficient admin permissions are another reason that can hinder the QuickBooks payroll update.

Common Indications For QuickBooks Update Error 15102

After knowing the possible reasons, check the below-given list for the symptoms of QuickBooks payroll update error 15102:

• As soon as the error occurs, you will get an error message for the same with the text – “Error 15102: Failed to reset update.”
• The update for the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service can’t be downloaded to your device.
• QuickBooks becomes slow and/or freezes periodically when the error takes place.
• Sluggish system response on mouse or keyboard inputs.

How To Troubleshoot The Update Error Code 15102 in QuickBooks? 

Knowing the possible reasons and symptoms can facilitate you with the error resolution processes. Below are detailed solutions to resolve the error.

Solution 1: Switch To Single-User Mode in QuickBooks 

If you want to update your QuickBooks payroll, make sure that you are performing this task in single-user mode. However, if the single-user mode is not enabled, you can follow the below-given steps to do this job done:

• When you are in multi-user mode, log out all the users in the network.
• After that, open QuickBooks on the workstations wherein you want to download the payroll update and get the error.
• When in QuickBooks, go to the File menu and select the Switch to Single User option.
• Try to update the QuickBooks payroll service again to check if the error 15102 is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Check For The Shared Download Location 

The shared download location intended to download the update must be enabled. However, if it is not enabled, you may get QuickBooks error 15102 on your screen. To check if the shared download location is available or not, follow the below-given steps:

• Launch the QuickBooks Desktop application and click on Product Information, which you can find underneath the Help tab.
• Now, take note of the location where QuickBooks will save the downloaded file.
• Again, under the Help tab, click on the Update QuickBooks option.
• After that, you need to check the download location from under the Options tab.
• Here, you need to verify if the location is correct or not.
• If the location is incorrect, select Yes for Shared Download and click the Save button.

If you are still unable to download the QuickBooks payroll updates, you need to make sure that you have sufficient permission to get this task accomplished.

Solution 3: Login As Admin User on Windows

If you are having trouble updating the QuickBooks payroll service even after implementing the above-explained solutions, make sure that you are logged into Windows as an admin user. Implement the following steps carefully:

• First of all, click on the Start button and then select the Switch User option.
• Once done, choose your admin account to move ahead.
• Now log into your admin account by entering the required credentials.
• Moving ahead, right-click on the QuickBooks icon and select Run as Administrator.
• In the end, try downloading the payroll updates and check if it is downloaded or not.

Solution 4: Disable User Account Control Settings To Fix 15102

Sometimes, the User Account Control (UAC) settings can interfere with the payroll update process; therefore, you need to disable it by following the below-described steps:

• Press Windows and R keys together, and it will open the Run window.
• In the run box, you need to type Control Panel and click Enter to move to the next step.
• Here, choose User Accounts followed by User Accounts (Classic View).
• Moving ahead, click the Change User Account Control settings option, and to do so, you need to click Yes when the system prompts.
• Thereafter, use the slider (on the current screen) to modify the setting as instructed below:

Case 1: Turn the slider to Never Notify and hit the OK button, and it will disable UAC.
Case 2: Shift the slider to Always Notify and click OK, and it will turn UAC to ON.

• Bring the required change into effect and check the status of the QuickBooks payroll update error 15102.

Final Words! 

By implementing the solutions explained in this blog, you can fix the update error and download the latest payroll updates successfully. In case you are having any difficulty, get help from experts to save you time and peace of mind.

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