Why QuickBooks Error 100060 Infects Point of Sale and How to Fix it?

QuickBooks Point of Sale is an application that is used across the globe to manage the tasks such as tracking inventory, managing multiple stores, etc. Despite several benefits of using this application, there are certain technical flaws and bugs. QuickBooks Error 100060 is one such error that occurs while accessing the QuickBooks Desktop POS application.

The users might see the following error message whenever the error pops up indicating:

“Error 100060: QuickBooks POS Could Not Create Some Necessary Accounts”

There are numerous other factors causing Error 100060 in QuickBooks, which we will explain in the further section of this post. We have also mentioned detailed procedures to tackle the issue within the least time applicable.

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What Actually Do You Mean By QuickBooks Error 100060?

The QuickBooks Error 100060 might pop-up on the screen while trying to run your financial exchange for the first time. Also, it might occur when there are certain important accounts that you can’t edit.

Whenever the error occurs, it prevents the users from working in QuickBooks POS and thus hinders the ongoing process. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate the error at its earliest by reading the resolution methods explained in the other section of this post.

Main Reasons That Prompt QuickBooks Error Code 100060 

It gets much more convenient for the users to resolve QuickBooks Error 100060 once you know the reasons behind the issue. Below, we have described the causes of this error; look at them.

1. There might be the possibility that you don’t have proper admin rights to log in to the QuickBooks application.
2. It may occur when you attempt to complete your first financial transaction while the account is already active in QuickBooks POS.

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Best Tips to Overcome QuickBooks Error 100060 Efficiently

After understanding why QuickBooks Error 100060 occurs, it is the core responsibility of the users to resolve the issue. To help you out, we have provided you with simple resolution methods.

1st Condition: When you encounter the error if the account is active on POS and you are on the preliminary financial transaction  

1. Initially, launch the QuickBooks software and move to Edit > Preferences > Accounting > Company Preferences.
2. After this, ensure that you have unmarked the “Use account numbers” checkbox.
3. Subsequently, you must perform a Financial Exchange and move to the Edit menu.
4. Afterwards, tap on the Preferences option > Accounting > Company Preferences.
5. Furthermore, mark the checkbox next to the “Use Account numbers” to enable the account number feature again.

2nd Condition: When you don’t use proper Windows admin credentials 

1. The first and foremost step is to access the POS Company preferences and hit the Cancel option.
2. Go to the QuickBooks File menu and opt for the Company/LogOff option.
3. Now, tap on the Open option from the “No Company Open Screen” window.
4. Afterwards, input the administrator user ID and password to launch the company file.
5. Next, press the Windows key and then hit the Close All option.
6. Following this, proceed toward the File menu and hit the Preferences as the Company within the POS application.
7. Then, head towards the Account option located beneath the Financial option.
8. Within this section, you must verify that all the accounts that come under the Basic and Advanced tabs don’t contain any bracket.

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3rd Condition: When you find that you are still having brackets and you couldn’t find a suitable account from the drop-down menu list.   

For instance, if you see that the Account fields consist of the Brackets and you are unable to navigate to the suitable account. In such a scenario, you must generate an account in QuickBooks. For that, you have to accomplish the task by implementing the following steps as written below:

1. Launch the QuickBooks Desktop application and then head toward the Lists menu.
2. From there, opt for the Charts of Accounts option and then the New option.
3. You must pick the appropriate account type, then hit the Continue option.
4. Add the required details within their respective text fields and then click Save & Close option.
5. Then, when you are on the QuickBooks Point Of Sale, shut down the Company Preferences window before re-launching.
6. Tap on the Accounts option and then verify the Basic and Advanced tabs. You won’t notice that the account doesn’t contain any brackets.

Wrapping It Up!!

We assure you that this post will help you in resolving QuickBooks Error 100060. Moreover, we assure you that you may find this post relevant and beneficial in handling the issue. However, if you still need help performing these troubleshooting solutions, consult with our professionals by email. You can talk to our experts, available round the clock, to receive the quick resolution methods within the least time applicable.

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