Best Solutions To Eradicate QuickBooks Error 404

QuickBooks error 404 is a technical issue in the program that can take place due to the inappropriate or damaged installation of the QuickBooks software. Besides, corrupt or infected files in QuickBooks can also bring forth this error on your screen. An active windows shuts down and restarts when the error occurs. Besides, you will notice an error message on the arrival of this issue.

There are many other factors that can cause QuickBooks error 404. The troubleshooting of the error starts with listing the possible solutions. When you are not sure what is actually promoting this issue, you need to fix them one by one. Now sure how to fix them? This blog post answers your queries related to the error and also guides you with the troubleshooting solutions.

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Why Does QuickBooks Desktop Error 404 Take Place?

Knowing the possible reasons behind the QuickBooks error 404 is of the utmost important as you can fix the problem without knowing the possible factors. Some of the main reasons for 404 error in QuickBooks are stated in the below-given list:

• Corrupt or inappropriate installation of the QuickBooks application is one of the main reasons behind this error.
• When the essential QB files are deleted due to malicious programs.
• The corrupted program when the install process is interfered with other applications.
• Corruption in the system’s Windows registry is also one of the possible factors to give rise to the error 404.
• Infected system due to virus or malware attacks sometimes promote error 404 when running QuickBooks.
• Missing or deleted files related to the QuickBooks application.

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How To Identify QuickBooks Error 404?

After knowing the possible reasons behind the error, you need to check the symptoms of the error that can help you identify the persisting issue:

• QuickBooks error 404 will show up on the screen causing disruption the processes running in the program.
• Active Windows crashes and you may not be able to run the program smoothly.
• The error makes Windows to respond sluggishly when the mouse keyboards inputs are provided.
• In this erroneous condition, your system starts freezing or hanging periodically.
• The installation of the QuickBooks application is not accomplished in the way it should.

Solutions To Perform For QuickBooks Error 404 Elimination

After acquiring the required knowledge, we can proceed further and work the troubleshooting. Perform the following solutions until you put the error code 404 in QuickBooks to an end:

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First Solution: Check Your Internet Connection Settings

In this solution, you need to make sure that your Internet connection settings are intact by following the below-given steps:

• Launch Internet Explorer and then visit “” to make sure that your Internet connection is stable.
• If you are unable to open this web address, check your Internet connection settings.
• If the connection is intact, launch QuickBooks application and from under the Help tab, click Internet Connection Setup option.
• Next, you need to select the Use my Computer’s Internet Connection Settings option located underneath the Internet Connection Settings.
• In the end, click Next and then Done to conclude this procedure.

If you see the QuickBooks error 404 again after this solution, try the next one.

Solution 2: Check And Rectify Your Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Sometimes, your Firewall or Antivirus application can block QuickBooks from accessing the Internet connection, thereby leading to the error 404 in QuickBooks. Here, you need to follow the below-given steps:

• When on your Desktop, click Start button and type Firewall in the search box.
• Next, click the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security option.
• Here, you need to check your Firewall settings if it is blocking Internet connection for the QuickBooks services.
• If the QuickBooks services are in list of blocked applications, remove them.
• It is doesn’t eases out the problem, launch your antivirus application’s firewall and exclude the blocked QuickBooks services from the list.

If this solution fails in the elimination of the error, move to the next one.

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Solution 3: Add QuickBooks as Trusted Site In Your Browser

QuickBooks error 404 can take place if the Intuit or QuickBooks related URLs are not added as trusted sites. To add:

• Open Internet Explorer, and when it opens, choose the Internet option from within the Tools tab.
• Next, navigate to the Security tab and here, you need to choose the trusted sites option.
• Thereafter, click Sites.
• In this section, you should add and as your trusted sites in the browser.
• Now hit Close option then OK button.
• Proceeding further, Log off the company file and then Exit QuickBooks application to conclude this procedure.

After the implementation of the steps, try to open the QuickBooks company file without getting the error 404. However, if you see it again, try the next method.

Solution 4: Scan Windows To Set It Infection-Free

Sometimes, a corrupted Windows evokes error 404 in the program. Therefore, you need to scan your Windows to look for the potential virus or malware threats. If you don’t have an antivirus application installed on your system, download an install it for the error resolution.

On A Final Note!

Now that you have implemented the explained troubleshooting solutions, the error should’ve been resolved. If not, you can get professional help to get assisted with the whole troubleshooting process.

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