Best Approaches To Debug QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159

QuickBooks Payroll requires timely updates to enhance its performance and for receiving flawless results. But usually, the users might encounter issues while updating QuickBooks or its components to the latest launched version. QuickBooks Error 30159 is one such error that usually arises while attempting to update the company payroll.

The users mainly come across this error due to the improper file setup in the Windows operating system. Whenever the error occurs, it pops-up with an error message indicating “Can’t Verify Payroll Subscription Error 30159”. However, it is necessary to resolve the issue asap so that you can acquire the updated payroll features of QuickBooks and easily manage your Payroll.

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Reasons That Give Rise To QuickBooks Error 30159 While Updating Payroll

Usually, the users might encounter QuickBooks Error 30159 when the payroll subscription expires. Apart from this, numerous other reasons might contribute to this error, which are as follows:

1. Sometimes, the users might end up with QuickBooks Error Code 30159 while accessing outdated software.
2. It may occur due to damage in the paysub.ini file of QuickBooks.
3. There might be the possibility that the Employer Identification Number (EIN) in your data file is inappropriate.
4. In other instances, it may occur when your service key is inappropriate.

Quick Resolution Methods to Rectify QuickBooks Error 30159

Go through the simple troubleshooting solutions below to deal with QuickBooks Error 30159.

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1st Technique: Assign a New Name PaySub.INI File

Usually, the users come across QuickBooks Error 30159 due to damage in the paysub.ini file. Moreover, they won’t allow multiple PaySub.ini files with a similar name, so you need to rename it. For that, perform the steps given below to accomplish the process.

• Firstly, double-tap on the My Computer and then hit the Organize option.
• Afterwards, click on the Folder > Search option > View tab.
• Furthermore, hit the Hidden Files and Folders and then mark the “Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives ” checkbox.
• Following this, choose the Apply option and then hit OK.
• Once again, go to My Computer and look for Paysub.ini from the top menu bar.
• Once you find the Paysub.ini file, right-click on it and opt for the Rename option.
• Now, give a new name to the file by adding .OLD at the end of the file name.
• Ultimately, you are supposed to carry on with the same process for all the PaySub.ini files.

2nd Technique:- Examine the Status of your Payroll Subscription

As mentioned above, the users might get QuickBooks Error 30159 due to the inactive status of the Payroll. Therefore, verify the payroll status by implementing the steps mentioned below to avoid the issue.

• Open the QBDT application, and from the top menu, opt for the My Payroll Services > Account and Billing Info.
• Now, you must insert the accurate login details and then select the Sign-In option.
• From the “Confirm your account information” window, pick the method you wish to authenticate your identity.
• Next, receive the confirmation code on the phone number you provided or in the email. Later on, hit the Continue option.
• Following this, insert the 6-digit confirmation code within the Confirmation Code window.
• Once you login into QuickBooks, try to update the QuickBooks payroll and verify if the error still exists.

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3rd Technique:- Insert the EIN into your Company File

At times, the users might come across this error due to an incorrect EIN. Therefore, you must add the correct EIN to your data file by applying the steps below to resolve the issue.

• Initially, sign-in to your QuickBooks data file and click Employees, followed by Payroll.
• Afterwards, opt for the highlighted “Use My Existing Payroll Service”.
• As a result, it will take you to the Account Maintenance window, where you must select the Add File option.
• Now, click the Radio button next to the Add EIN Number.
• If you notice that the Radio button is disabled, it reflects that you have already subscribed to the EIN of your company.
• Hit the Next button to open the Review Information window on your screen. In the following window, check that you have added all the details accurately.
• At last, go back to QuickBooks and verify that the QBDT payroll is updating.

4th Technique:- Free Up Disk Space Of Your System

Sometimes, the lack of storage space of your device might results in QuickBooks Error 30159. You can resolve the issue by implementing the instructions given below.

• In the initial stage, tap on the Start menu, look for the Disk Clean up and then hit the Enter key.
• Next, you must pick the drive you wish to clean up.
• Once done, hit the OK button and pick the unwanted or temporary files that you wish to delete.
• End the cleaning of disk space by hitting the OK button.

5th Technique:- Updating Your Windows Manually:-

There might be the possibility that your current QuickBooks version isn’t compatible with your Windows operating system. As a result, the QuickBooks Error 30159. To resolve the issue, you must update your Windows operating system by following the steps listed below:

• Initially, click on the Windows menu, move to the Search field and enter “Update” within the search column.
• As a result, it will redirect you to the Windows Update window.
• Now, head towards the Updates button; eventually, your system will start browsing for the latest updates.
• After this, you must download and install it if any update is available.
• Once the process of installation is finished, relaunch your device.

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Summing It Up!!

Hopefully, we give you the surety that by imposing the solutions, you can overcome the QuickBooks Error 30159. However, if you still receive the same issue, communicate with our professionals via live chat and get instant help.

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