DIY Methods to Change TurboTax Password

Change TurboTax Password

Password is the essential key users must have to access their email or software. The same thing goes for TurboTax; to access the Program, you have to enter your user ID and Password. But at times, users have to change their Password due to multiple reasons. Some users change passwords for privacy purposes, some do so as a regular practice, whereas many users do it to save their TurboTax account from hacking. No matter what the reason is, if you are one of the users who want to change TurboTax Password, you can follow this article to obtain a step-by-step procedure.

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Why People Change TurboTax Password?

In this section, we have discussed all the reasons that lead to users to Change TurboTax Password :

  • In case of a security breach.
  • Some users also change their passwords on a regular basis for the safety of the Account.
  • If you find any Malware or other phishing program.
  • When you have forgotten your current TurboTax password.
  • In case you suspect the presence of an undesired intrusion into your TurboTax account.
  • If your TurboTax Account is logged into someone else system.


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What is the Procedure to follow to Change TurboTax Password?

In case you want to make change your TurboTax password, then you must have to check the list of instructions given below:

  • Firstly, go to the login page of TurboTax and log in to your Account.
    Note: Make sure to enter accurate login credentials.
  • Thereafter, choose the Intuit account option, and navigate to the Manage your Account section.
  • On that page, click on Sign In & Security tab and head to the next step.
  • Choose Password to modify it.
  • Now, enter a new password in the required field.
    Note: Make sure that the Password is strong and stable.
  • Now, re-enter the new Password to confirm it and save the changes.

How to Change TurboTax Password when you have forgotten the last one?

In case you have forgotten or lost your last Password, and you want to login to your TurboTax Account, then you have to recover it by following the given steps:

1. Firstly, launch TurboTax and head to the Account Recovery Page.
2. Thereafter, enter the required details like Phone number, User ID, or Email address.
3. Moving Ahead, by following the prompt present on your screen.
4. Now, TurboTax will do the required modification on its own. Moreover, the Program will also verify whether they will remember your details or not.
5. Next, you will get a code to restore your TurboTax account.
6. Else it can also showcase you with the attached lists of accounts.
7. However, if you can’t restore access to your Account, hit the Verify My Account in a Different Way option.
8. Moreover, you also have to answer a few additional Questions to make sure about the Identify.

Is there any Alternate way to Change TurboTax Password?

Yes, a user also has alternate ways to restore their forgotten TurboTax password. They can click on the Try Something Else button and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the procedure.

If you want to know more about this method, check the steps given below:
1. Initially, open the official TurboTax Website.
2. Now, click on the Sign-in tab, and head to the Account Recovery page.
3. Select the Try Something Else button, and a new window will appear on your screen.
4. In this window, you have to provide the following details correctly in the required fields:
◦ Your Last Name:
◦ Your Date of Birth
◦ Enter your Social Security Number within the Respective Text Fields.
◦ Lastly, Mention the ZIP Code as well in the required field.
1. Click on the Highlighted Continue section, and answer the questions asked from the TurboTax end.
2. At last, create a new TurboTax password, and enter it in the required box.
3. Next, you have to add the same Password again to confirm it.

How can you Change TurboTax Password using the Mobile Application?

User can also opt for TurboTax password change through their Mobile Number. For that, it is important to follow the procedure given below.

1. Start the process by launching the TurboTax Mobile App.
2. Next, you have to enter the following information:
◦ Your Email Address:
◦ Your TurboTax User ID
◦ Your Password
1. After adding the required details, head to the Sign In button.
2. In case you have entered your phone number or email, then check it to get the verification code.
3. Enter that verification code in the given field.
4.  Next, choose the user ID; you want to Sign in and select the Sign in a Different Way tab.
5. Now, you can see information depending on different information given by the TurboTax.
6. Use the verification code you get on your phone number or email to log in to your TurboTax account without a password.
7. In case you don’t have access to your alternate email address or phone number, then you have to click on Verify a different way tab.
8.  This will take you to the Accounts Recovery Request Tool, where you can easily restore your Password.


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Summing it Up!

Here, we are ending our blog. We hope now you can easily change TurboTax Password. However, if you have any queries regarding the process, obtain help from our TurboTax professional using the Live chat option given below. Apart from this, you can even email us your Queries at Our experts will try to resolve your issues as early as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question 1: How to Generate a Strong TurboTax Password?

Answer: If you want to create a safe and hard to hake Password, you have o follow a few basic criteria:
1. There must be 8 to 32 characters in your Password.
2. Never include your Date of Birth, Nice name, or loved onces name as your Password.
3. Always ensure to include the alphabet, numbers, and symbols in your Password.
4. Verify that the Password contains one upper and lower case letter.
5. Create a long password.
6. Avoid using the same Password on different platforms.

Question 2: What happens if I change TurboTax password?

Answer: If you have forgotten your Password, then you have to get your Account back by resetting a new password.
1. Enter your Phone number used at the time of creating a TurboTax account.
Note: You can even use the user ID instead.
2. Thereafter follow the prompt appearing on your screen to verify your identity.
3. Once the details are identified, update your Password using your Intuit account.

Question 3: How do I access my password-protected TurboTax desktop file if I forget the Password?

Answer: To use the password-protected TurboTax Desktop File, follow the given steps:
1. Choose Forgot Password in the password request button.
2. Answer all the security Questions.
3. This will help you in getting back the Turbotax account.
4. Once you get your Account, select the password option from the File section.

Question 4: How do I unlock my TurboTax account?

Answer: If your TurboTax account is blocked temporarily, you can sign in to your Account to unblock it:
1. Click on Continue on the lock screen.
2. Thereafter tap one of the options provided from the Let’s make sure it’s your screen option:
◦ Get verification code texted to (Phone number)
◦ Get verification code emailed to (email address)
◦ Recover my TurboTax account in a different way (It is a time-consuming process)
3. Tap on Continue to reset the TurboTax password.

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