How to Fix QuickBooks payroll not working issue?

QuickBooks Payroll Not Working

Ever encountered the “QuickBooks Payroll Not Working” error? You must have. Businesses have been using the QuickBooks application for quite some time now. It is probably the best-known software for accounting out there. While it has a host of advantages, it also has its own set of limitations. QuickBooks Payroll Not Working error is one such issue that QuickBooks users often encounter.

QuickBooks Payroll Not Working Error Message

Now, in this blog we will tell you all about this particular error. This particular issue of QuickBooks Payroll Not working is one error that occurs when there is no active subscription to the payroll. To fix this, you would need to make your payroll subscription active. We would talk about the reasons that cause this particular error and how we can, through our own efforts, try to navigate this issue.

Reasons responsible for QuickBooks Payroll Not Working Error

The reasons are as follows:

1.) A wrong or incorrect service key could be causing the issue
2.) QuickBooks Desktop displaying the Invalid Number status
3.) An invalid Employer Identification Number
4.) Compatibility issues of QuickBooks with Windows
5.) The version of QuickBooks Desktop software is outdated
6.) An invalid PSID company file could also be behind it
7.) Corrupt QuickBooks Data
8.) Inactive Payroll Subscription

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Troubleshooting methods for the “QuickBooks Desktop not working” issue

Here are the troubleshooting methods that can smoothly resolve this particular problem:

a.) Method 1: Update the Payroll Tax Table

1.) At first, you have to update the Payroll Tax Table
2.) Furthermore, to do this, you need to click on the Employee’s menu
3.) Thereafter, choose the option that says “Get Payroll Update”
4.) Furthermore, click on the link that mentions downloading the entire payroll update
5.) After that, click on the Update
6.) Consequently, after it is downloaded, a message appears that reads, “a new tax table or updates to your payroll tax is installed on your system”. Thereafter, click on the Ok button
7.) If you are still encountering the issues, then you might want to rename the folder by adding Old after the extension.
8.) Thereafter, update the payroll again
9.) If still not working, then turn off the User Account Control
10.) Finally, After turning off the UAC, now try to download it.

b.) Method 2: Download Payroll Updates in Safe Mode

1.) Firstly, you need to shut down the system
2.) Thereafter, open it in the safe mode
3.) Furthermore, download the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Updates
4.) Once it is done, restart your system in normal mode
5.) Lastly, try downloading the QuickBooks Payroll Updates once again

c.) Method 3: Reset the Internet Explorer Browser Settings

1.) Firstly, Launch the Internet Explorer browser
2.) Secondly, On the right side of the Window, where there are 3 dots, there access the tools menu
3.) Consequently, choose the Internet Options
4.) Thereafter, click on the Advanced tab
5.) Subsequently, select the Restore Defaults option
6.) Furthermore, click on Apply button to apply the changes that you have made
7.) Finally, click on the OK button. This will close the window

d.) Method 4: Repair the QuickBooks Desktop Software

1.) Firstly, go to the Control Panel
2.) Thereafter, click on the “Programs and Features” option.
3.) Subsequently, From the list of available programs, choose the QuickBooks option
4.) Uninstall it by right-clicking on it and then choosing the Uninstall/Change option
5.) After that, From the open-up window, choose the Repair option
6.) Accordingly, process the steps as instructions displayed on the screen
7.) Thereafter, This will guide you in software repair
8.) Furthermore, when you are done, launch the QuickBooks software and check the payroll process.

Summing It Up!

We have provided you with efficient tools that can help you navigate through the QuickBooks Payroll Not Working Issue. Utilizing these methods, you can very easily resolve this issue. However, should you encounter a situation wherein you are not able to find a way through this error, then we would advise you to contact us.

If you have any query related to QuickBooks, reach out to assistance channel and get relevant solutions based on your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I update the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll?

Ans. For an overview of the recent payroll update, either look for the product year, or you can access this info from the QuickBooks Desktop Company file. There, choose the Employees option and then select the Get Payroll Updates option. After that, choose the Payroll Update Info. This will update your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Q2. Why does my QuickBooks not update?

Ans. Some reasons that can cause the update errors in QuickBooks Desktop application are:

1.) Firstly, Wrong Date and Time Settings on Windows
2.) Secondly, Connectivity issues with Internet
3.) Thirdly, Windows Firewall averting QuickBooks from downloading updates

Q3. What is the latest QuickBooks payroll update?

Ans. 22213 is the latest QuickBooks Payroll Update which was released on 21st July 2022.

Q4. How often do you need to upgrade QuickBooks for payroll?

Ans. There is no rule set in stone as to when you should upgrade but having said that, upgrading QuickBooks for Payroll is a healthy practice and should be done for companies that involve a large number of transactions every month.

Q5. Will updating the Payroll Tax table help in any way to resolve the issue of “QuickBooks Payroll Not Working”?

Ans. Yes, updating the payroll tax table is one of the troubleshooting steps that can quickly resolve this particular issue of “QuickBooks Payroll Not Working”.

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