Logical Solutions To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 3180

QuickBooks Error 3180

QuickBooks Error 3180 is one such error that mainly occurs when the wrong type of QuickBooks Desktop account is used in mapping accounts in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. in other instances, it may evoke due to the damaged payment item or if it’s the wrong type. However, there are numerous other reasons that are responsible for this error. We have discussed about all such factors in the further section of this blog. Also, we have illustrated simple ways to tackle this issue.

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Different Error Messages that Appear On Occurrence of QuickBooks Error 3180

Whenever the user come across QuickBooks Error 3180, they will be displayed with any of the following error message stating:

  1. Status Code 3180: Status message: There was an error when saving a sales receipt.
  2. Status Code 3180 Status Message: There was an error when saving a Employees List, element “Employee, Name”
  3. Status Code 3180: There was a problem with saving the General Journal Transaction
  4. QuickBooks Error 3180:….. QuickBooks Error Message: A/P (or A/R) detail line list must have vendor.
  5. Status Code 3180: QuickBooks Error Message: The posting account is invalid.
  6. Status Code 3180: Status Message: Sale Tax detail line must have a vendor.

What are the Factors That Might Give Rise To QuickBooks Error Code 3180?

Below, we have discussed the reasons that might lead to QuickBooks Error 3180.

  1. You might experience this error when the sales tax item in QuickBooks Desktop is not associated with any vendors.
  2. Sometimes, it may happen when you are utilizing a sales tax payable account as the target account for one or more items or receipts.
  3. In other instances, it might evoke due to inappropriate sales tax payable account mapping.
  4. Another reason may be damaged or incorrect type of payment item.

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How Can You Determine QuickBooks Error 3180?

Here, we have discussed some of the signs and symptoms using which you can easily identify QuickBooks Error 3180.

  1. The users might face difficulty while saving the sales receipt.
  2. You might notice that the QuickBooks application shut down abruptly.
  3. On the occurrence of this error, you will receive any of the error messages discussed above.
  4. Sometimes, you may experience that your device starts responding slowly to the keyboard and mouse inputs.

Best Effective Ways To Terminate QuickBooks Status Code 3180

After going through the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks Error 3180, it is high time to resolve the issue. To overcome this error, you must go through the quick resolution methods given below.

1st Method: Examine Your Tax Preferences

To check your tax preferences, you must follow the instructions illustrated below.

  1. Firstly, open the QuickBooks Point Of Sale and move to the File menu.
  2. Afterwards, choose the Preferences option followed by the Company option.
  3. Now, browse to the Financial section and, from there, select the Accounts option.
  4. You are supposed to verify both the Basic and Advanced tabs. Also, you must verify that the QuickBooks Sales Tax payable is listed within the Sales Tax row. If you discover that it is not listed over there, modify it and run the financial exchange.

2nd Method: Ensure that the Problem Receipt Isn’t paid Out via Sales Tax Payable

  1. In the initial stage, launch the QuickBooks Point Of Sale and go to the History option.
  2. After this, right-click on any of the columns and opt for the Customize Columns.
  3. Thereon, check that you have marked the QB Status checkbox.
  4. You must browse for those receipts that are not yet completed. However, choose the receipt if any of these receipts are paid out to sales tax payable. Later on, opt for the Reverse Receipt.
  5. By accessing the non-sales tax payable account, re-establish the paid out and run the financial exchange.

3rd Method: Verify that The Vendor is Allocated to the Sales Tax Item

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Desktop, navigate to the Lists menu, and opt for Item List.
  2. Afterwards, head towards the Include Inactive option.
  3. Now, you are supposed to pick the Type header to sort out the list.
  4. At last, verify that all the sales tax item has a tax agency linked to them.

4th Method: Change the Name and Re-Establish Each Financial Method

  1. To commence with, launch QuickBooks Desktop and move to the Lists menu.
  2. After this, choose the Customer & Vendor Profile Lists, followed by the Payment Method List.
  3. You must right-click the Cash Method and pick the Edit Payment Method option.
  4. All you need to do is to include Letter X in the Payment Method field (XCash) and hit the OK button.
  5. Now, assign a name as Cash and then run the financial exchange.
  6. At last, you must change the name and re-create all the payment methods if required.

5th Method: Merge Items in QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Begin the process by opening the QuickBooks Desktop and then move to the Lists menu.
  2. Afterwards, hover your cursor over the highlighted Item List.
  3. Thereon, select the Type header to sort the list and change the name of the Point of Sale items.
    • To change the name, right-click on the payment item that starts with POS, and opt for Edit Items.
    • Include .OLD at the end of the item name and hit the OK button.
  4. Now, you must run the financial exchange from your point of sale.
  5. Next, you are supposed to combine the duplicate items in QuickBooks Desktop.
    • To combine the duplicate items, right-click the payment OLD and choose the Edit Item option.
    • Exclude “OLD” from the item name and hit OK. As a result, QuickBooks Desktop will ask you to integrate the items.
    • Finally, choose the Yes option for confirmation.

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Ending Words!!

We hope that the solutions described above will be enough to tackle with QuickBooks Error 3180. If you still can’t fix this error and need expert’s guidance, you can consult our professionals through the live chat facility.

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