How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1317?

QuickBooks Error Code 1317 is a technical error faced by its user. It occurs at the time of installation and creates major issues for QuickBooks users. The Error appears on your screen when you try to make a directory, and the message states that:

Error: “1317: An error occurred while creating directory [directory]”

There can be multiple reasons that provoke error 1317 in QuickBooks, including insufficient Permission to access the Software, an unwanted change in the Windows registry, etc. To know more about it, you can go through this blog.

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What are the Flaws that Promote QuickBooks Error 1317?

In this segment, we have discussed all the possible causes that evoke QuickBooks Error 1317.

1. The presence of the third-party application.
2. Note: Third-party apps can create obstacles with QuickBooks.
3. Insufficient RAM and Hard Disc Memory in your Computer.
4. The System account on the drive doesn’t have proper Permission.
5. Presence of Viruses or Malware.
6. If you don’t have apt Permission to access the QuickBooks Software.
7. Some sudden unexpected modifications in the Windows Registry.
8. The SYSTEM account permits ‘Visual Studio 2005‘ or ‘Visual Studio .NET‘ to use the drive.

How to Recognize QuickBooks Error Code 1317?

Do you have any idea how you will know that you are facing Error 1317 in QuickBooks? Let’s help you by giving you some basic signs and symptoms of the Error.
1. You can’t install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or Microsoft Visual Studio.NET on your System.
2. An error message will appear on your screen.
3. You won’t be able to create a directory in QuickBooks.

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What are the steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 1317?

After gathering enough information about the QuickBooks Error code 1317, we can now move ahead and learn the ways to fix it effortlessly.

1st Method: Use the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

See, firstly, you have to install the QuickBooks Tool Hub in your System; then only you can run the Diagnostic Tool.
1. Close the QuickBooks Program, and then go to Intuit’s official website to download the newest version of the QuickBooks Tool hub.
2. Once you find it, Download its File, then save it to one of the easiest accessible locations.
3. Thereafter, you can initiate the installation by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
4. Moving ahead, agree to its terms & policies, and let the Tool install in your System.
5. After installation, open it and navigate to the installation issue, and select it.
6. Now, choose the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool tab.
7. Let it run properly for the next 20 minutes.
8. After that, reboot your System.

2nd Method: Make Changes in the Permission

You can also try to rectify the Error by making modifications in the Permission.
1. Restart your System and log in as an Admin.
2. Now, move to the installation path of the QuickBooks Desktop, and right-click on the program folder.
3. Choose the Properties tab.
4. Tap on Sharing and Security button, and select the Sharing tab.
5. Moving ahead, click on Advanced Sharing, followed by tapping the Permission option.
6. Next, include Everyone from the group, and go to Full Control.
7. In Full Control, you have to select the Allow tab.
8. Lastly, hit on the Ok button to end the procedure.

3rd Method: Update your QuickBooks Desktop Program through Safe Mode

As we already discussed, QuickBooks Error 1317 can occur due to the presence of third-party Software as well. Thus if you want to get rid of this, you can try installing the Software using Safe Mode. There are two approaches to do it; you can follow any one of them, according to your preference.

First way: Use the F8 key after rebooting your System

1. Firstly, Restart your Computer.
2. Thereafter, keep tapping on the F8 tab to open the Advanced Boot options.
3. Choose the arrow key to select Safe-Mode with Networking.
4. Now, let the screen load; once it is completed, finish the process by re-installing the QuickBooks Software in Safe Mode.
In case this way won’t go as per plan, you can try the 2nd way to access Safe Mode, with the help of MSConfig.

Second Way: Try the MSConfig

1. Begin the process by hitting the Windows+R key.
2. Once the Run box appears, enter MSConfig in the search field, and press the enter button.
3. Moving ahead, you have to select the General option and choose the Selective Startup option.
4. On the next page, select the Load System Services tab.
5. Thereon, unmark the check box next to Load Startup items.
6. Now, hit on the Service tab, and tick-mark the checkbox available at the bottom of your screen to this will hide all Microsoft Services.
7. Thereafter, you have to Turn off all options and unmark the Hide all Microsoft Services button.
Note: Make sure to verify the Windows Installer checkbox in the service list.
8. Finally, Reboot your System, and update the QuickBooks Desktop again.

4th Method: Update the Windows Device

Finally, if none of the above processes works in your Favour, you can try to update your Windows to rectify Error 1317 in QuickBooks.

1. Initially, Click on the Start Button, and select Settings.
2. Thereon, choose the Update & Security tab.
3. Now, select Windows Update, and tap on Check for updates.
Note: If the update is available, install it by following the on-screen instructions.
4. Once you are done with the updates, reboot your System, and launch the QuickBooks desktop program again.

Summing it Up!

At this point, we are concluding our blog. We hope that the steps mentioned above will help you in finding QuickBooks Error 1317. However, if you need any further assistance, you can definitely get in touch with our QuickBooks professionals via email or the live chat option. We are available around the clock; thus, feel free to contact.

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