How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 106

QuickBooks Error 106 is a Banking error. It occurs when a user tries to access their Accounts via QuickBooks but can’t find it on the Bank’s website. The main reason behind the error is either your Account gets closed from the Bank’s end or you are using an outdated version of the Software. However, there are numerous other reasons as well that we will discuss in this Blog, along with the ways to troubleshoot the error.

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What are the Causes behind QuickBooks Error 106?

Let’s now understand the reasons that provoke the QuickBooks error 106 in your System. If you know the cause of the error, you can troubleshoot it very easily.

1. The downloaded QuickBooks is corrupted.
2. An issue from your Bank’s end. There are chances that the bank server is under maintenance while you try to open the Software.
3. Your Bank has made some changes in their policies, regarding which you are not updated.
4. You might try to log in to your Account using an incorrect login credential.
5. In case you have deleted some important files and transactions.
6. You might be using an outdated version of QuickBooks.

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How will you Recognize the QuickBooks Error 106?

In this section, we have explained a few of the most common identification of QuickBooks Error Code 106:

1. You System starts freezing at regular intervals.
2. You will receive an Error notification on your Screen that says
“Banking Error 106”
3. Your active Window starts crashing frequently.
4. QuickBooks stops responding to your command.

How can you Resolve QuickBooks Error 106?

After gathering enough information about Error 106 in QuickBooks, we can move ahead and learn how to fix it effortlessly:

1st Solution: Disconnect your Bank’s Account

Whenever you are facing QuickBooks Error Code 106, first try to Disconnect your Account and verify if this resolves your Problem:

1. Initially, Launch QuickBooks and look for the Transaction button.
2. Thereafter, select the Banking tab, and search the Bank Account section.
3. Next, hit the Edit button.
4. Now, navigate to the Account action and select the option of Disconnecting this Account.
5. Lastly, tap on Confirm to Delete the Link tab and remove all the download operations that are running in the System.

2nd Solution: Turn On the Management Tool Access

Alternatively, you can also enable the Management Tool Access to eliminate Error 106 in QuickBooks. To do so, follow the instructions given below:

1. First, open any Browser, and in the URL Section, enter your Bank’s website.
2. Now, log in to your Account using the correct credentials.
3. Move ahead by launching QuickBooks.
4. Thereon, Navigate to the My Information box.
5. After that, choose the Allow Financial Management Tool Access button, and enable Settings.

3rd Solution: Conduct System Restore

You can also restore your System completely in an attempt to rectify the error.

1. In the Beginning, login to your System using the admin credentials.
2. Thereon, hit on the Start option.
3. Now check the All Program option, and navigate to the Accessories.
4. Next, click on System Tools, and go to System Restore.
5. At this point, a new window will open on your Screen, in which you have to select the option that says Restore my Computer to the Earlier Time, followed by hitting the Next Button.
6. Now, choose the option to Restore, and click on Next again.
7. Moving ahead, a Confirmation Window will appear on your Screen, where you have to select Next again.
8. Lastly, restart your System.

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4th Solution: Delete all the Junk From the System

Sometimes, the presence of Cache and Cookies can also evoke such errors in QuickBooks, thus get rid of the Problem by deleting Junk from the System.

1. Open the Browser that you use to reach your Bank’s website.
2. Now, navigate to the Settings/More Tools tab.
3. Thereon, move ahead to clear cookies, temporary files, and browsing history.
4. Lastly, Reboot your System, and once the System is started, try to open the Bank using the same browser again.

5th Solution: Verify the Bank’s Server Status

You must have to check the status of the Bank’s server. Moreover, look for any update or modification that has been made recently, which can evoke the error in the System.

1. Begin the process by connecting to the Bank’s website.
2. Thereon, log in to your Account using apt user information.
3. Now, review all the important details, including your transactions, to find any modifications.

 6th Solution: Update the Bank Details Within QuickBooks

In case you access QuickBooks through the Internet, you have to refresh the Bank Account by yourself. To do so:

1. In the first place, log in to your QuickBooks account using the accurate user credentials.
2. Once your Account is open, select Banking, and update the Bank details by clicking on the Update option.

7th Solution: Delete and Re-Add the Account

Finally, if none f the above process works in your favor, then you can simply remove your Account and re-add it again.

Remove the Account 
1. Open QuickBooks and move to the Chart of Accounts.
2. Select your Account, and tap on the Action menu.
3. Thereon, select the Delete option.

Re-Add it Again
1. After deleting the Account, close QuickBooks and open it again.
2. Next, head toward the Add Account button.
3. Now, choose your Bank to be added.
4. Lastly, click on the Save Button.

Wrapping things up!

Here we are concluding our Blog. We hope that now you can rectify QuickBooks Error 106 effortlessly. However, in case you find any difficulties while doing so. You can contact our QuickBooks professionals by using the Live chat option given below. (Help Box). Moreover, you can also email us your Queries at

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