Quick Resolution Methods To Fix QuickBooks Desktop Error 15107

At times, the users might encounter QuickBooks Error 15107 while updating the application or downloading a payroll update. Sometimes, it may also trigger due to the misconfiguration of the Windows Firewall. Whenever the error occurs, it prevents the users from getting the latest features of the QuickBooks application. Therefore, it is essential to overcome this issue at its earliest to continue with your ongoing business tasks with the upgraded features.

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Reasons Why You Encounter QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15107

Usually, the users might confront QuickBooks Error 15107 while downloading the payroll updates. Apart from this, plenty of other factors are responsible for this issue. Some of the probable root causes of this error are listed below; check them out.

1. It might occur due to damage or corruption in the Windows Registry files.
2. Unfinished Updates of the application might give rise to the QuickBooks Error 15107.
3. Improper configuration of the Windows Firewall may also be responsible.
4. Sometimes, it may evoke due by issues with the settings of Internet Explorer.

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Recognition Factors For QuickBooks Desktop Error 15107

Below, we have discussed some indications that will help you identify QuickBooks Error 15107.

1. As a consequence of QuickBooks Error 15107, the payroll stops working.
2. Your system might shut down abruptly.
3. There might be the possibility that you won’t be able to receive the latest QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates.
4. Users will be displayed an error message on the occurrence of this error.

Simple Tactics to Deal With QuickBooks Error 15107

You can easily handle QuickBooks Error 15107 by following the troubleshooting solution listed below. Also, ensure that you remain connected with an uninterrupted internet connection to avoid further discrepancies.

1st Technique:- Run the Reboot.bat file on your system

QuickBooks Reboot.bat file is used for re-registering the .DLL and .OCX files present under Microsoft Windows. Also, you can resolve the issue by running the file with proper admin credentials. Go through the below-listed set of instructions carefully.

1. In the first step, shut down the QuickBooks Desktop application if it’s already open.
2. Navigate and right-click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop, tap on Properties and then Open File Location.
3. Soon after this, search for the file named Reboot.bat, right-click on it, and pick the Run as Administrator option.
4. After this, relaunch your system and then your QuickBooks application.
5. If you are asked to install an update, opt for the Install Now option. Otherwise, you have to update the QuickBooks Desktop manually.
6. After completing the entire downloading process, relaunch your QuickBooks application.
7. Finally, on the QuickBooks Desktop Update Service window, hit the Install Now option.

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2nd Technique:- Try Reinstalling QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode

Sometimes the users might not be able to update the application because of the background processes running in the background. Installing QBDT in selective startup mode gives you the surety that no other applications will interfere during the installation process. Hence, it helps in resolving QuickBooks Error 15107.

1. In the initial stage, you have to generate the backup of the company file.
2. In the meantime, write down the QuickBooks Desktop product and license key at a safe place.
3. Shut down the QuickBooks application and then launch the control panel on your device.
4. Within the run window, input “Msconfig” within the search area and press the Ok to launch the System Configuration window.
5. In the upcoming screen, head toward the General tab and opt for the “Selective Startup and Load System Services”.
6. After this, hit the Services tab and select the checkbox next to the “Hide All Microsoft Services”.
7. Furthermore, pick the Disable All option and unmark the “Hide All Microsoft Services” checkbox.
8. Moreover, verify that you have marked the Windows Installer checkbox from the lists of services available.
9. Tap on the OK button and then the Restart button on the System Configuration window to end the task.

3rd Technique:- Configure Your Internet Explorer Settings

Misconfiguration of the Internet Explorer settings is one of the major reasons that might lead to the QuickBooks Error 15107. Therefore, to correct the settings, you must implement the stepwise instructions listed below.

Before proceeding further, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Verify that you have set Internet Explorer as your default browser.
2. Also, you must check that the system’s date and time are accurate. If it’s not then you must go through the instructions written below.

◦ Tap on the Date and Time present at the bottom right corner of the screen.
◦ After this, verify that your system’s date and time is appropriate.
◦ Next, tap on the Time Zone option to pick the suitable Time Zone.

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Then, go through the set of instructions written below to upgrade your internet explorer settings.

1. Now, run Internet Explorer on your device and then proceed further.
2. After that, go to Tools and then Internet Options.
3. Following this, select the General tab > Delete > Temporary Internet Files > Delete.
4. Subsequently, head toward the Connections tab and choose LAN Settings.
◦ You have to mark the checkbox next to the Automatic Detect Settings.
◦ Then, verify that the Proxy Server space is empty if you are not accessing it.
◦ Now, hit the OK option twice and go to the next step.
5. Hover your cursor over the Advanced tab and scroll down and make the following changes.
◦ Here, you must see that SSL 2.0 and SSl 3.0 are marked.
◦ If they are not marked, uncheck the “Check for publisher’s certificate”.
6. Within the same Advanced tab, you must also verify the following details:
◦ TLS 1.2 checkbox is marked.
◦ TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are not marked. If it’s already selected, then, untick it.

Wrapping It Up!!

Here, we have arrived at the end of this post and hope that the users find it beneficial in dealing with QuickBooks Error 15107. However, if you still encounter issues while downloading payroll, communicate with our QuickBooks professional experts via live chat. Our experts will guide you through the detailed instructions to resolve the issue.

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