How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Release?

Updating QuickBooks to its newest release is always important. This ensures that you can easily utilize all the advanced features of the Software. Moreover, it is also mandatory for those who want to resolve the security problems or Errors which they might encounter while using the QuickBooks Program. Thus, everyone should update QuickBooks desktop software. In case you are using an Outdated version of the QuickBooks Software and looking for a way to update it to its latest release, follow this blog.

Note: Keep in mind that updating and upgrading QuickBooks are two different terms. The upgrade in QuickBooks is done to add valuable features using CD ROM. 

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What are the Benefits of Updating QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Release?

See, as we mentioned, upgrading and Updating are two different things. An update is introduced once a year by Intuit, but the condition is not the same for the upgrade option. In a year, QuickBooks provide multiple upgrades as per user’s demand.

Now, if you are getting something once a year, it must be worth waiting for, right? That’s why whenever you update your QuickBooks Software, there are multiple advantages you receive while doing it.

  • You will get better security features to protect all your data and information.
  • It also guarantees some free user information.
  • Moreover, it rectifies numerous errors that you face while using outdated versions.
  • It fixes bugs and other security glitches.
  • Apart from that, you can track the status of your invoice anytime.


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What are the Newly Launched Features in QuickBooks Desktop Latest Release?

Moving ahead, let’s learn about a few new and advanced features that you will receive in QuickBooks 2023 release.

1. RFA Enhancement: With the introduction of this feature, users now have permission to request QuickBooks for a Second admin.

2. Better User Management: With this feature, as an admin, you can manage the roles of other users and give them permission accordingly. It also gives you access to allow specific users to do a particular task.

3. Improved Online Banking Feature: This feature will let the user in saving the customization of columns and make rules for both the money out and money in transactions. In case you are a user, you simply have to assign a customer to the QuickBooks Desktop job to their expenses in their banking transaction table. That’s it.

4. Immediate Bug Fixes: When users install QuickBooks 2023 in their System, they get quick fixes to the buys. It mainly fixes bugs in 3 types of situations of data level permission:

  • When the report filter for (>+1) or(=) shows that it is not appropriate.
  • If the Vendors group that has the credit balance >=0 also provides you with an incorrect result.
  • In case you are not able to generate the transaction of unpermitted customers from the Batch Enter Transactions.

5. Tax 1099 NEC and MISC: This version of the Software supports the 1099 MISC and 1099 NEC, and it also prints E-filing. Furthermore, it also permits the Third party programs to utilize the software developer kit to e-fill.

What are the Recent Release Numbers for each Version of QuickBooks Desktop?

Check this section to learn the recently released Version of QuickBooks Desktop:

  • QuickBooks 2023 R3_103
  • QuickBooks 2022 R5_157
  • QuickBooks 2021 R10_52
  • QuickBooks 2020 R15_52

What are the Steps to find out if the QuickBooks App is Updated or Not?

Now, let’s understand how you can check and know if your QuickBooks is updated or not. Look, you must know that the QuickBooks update can be done in multiple ways, but the most used ones are automatic and manual. In case your QuickBooks software is set on automatic, then you have to check if the Update is already installed in your System.

1. Firstly launch QuickBooks Software.
2. Now, get the product information by pressing the Ctrl+1 or F2 key.
3. A new Product Information window will appear on your Screen. Match its Version with the latest release of QuickBooks.

1. Note: You can use the links below to match the latest version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks 2020 QuickBooks 2019  QuickBooks 2018

In case your QuickBooks is not updated, then check the next section to update QuickBooks 2023 in your System.

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to its Latest Version?

You can Download QuickBooks latest Version by choosing any of the following methods:
1. Automatic Update Method
2. On-demand Update Method.
3. Manual Update

1. Automatic Update Method

It is a default setting that checks downloads QuickBooks Update from Intuit’s server by itself.

Note: You have the option to turn off the Automatic update option if you want.

1. Initially, launch the QuickBooks Software, and go to the Help tab.
2. Now choose the Update QuickBooks option.
3. Thereafter select the Update Now option.
4. Moving ahead you have to remove all the previously downloaded Updates present in your System.
5. Next, you have to check-mark the Reset Update box.
6. Tap on the Get Updates button, and restart your QuickBooks Application.

However, if you want to disable the automatic update option, you can look at the steps below:

  • Click on the Help tab, and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Thereon, in the Update QuickBooks page, choose the Options tab.
  • In the Automatic Updates, click on No.
  • Moving ahead, select Yes or No for Shared Download as well.
  • Lastly, choose the Save button and hit on Close.

After disabling the Automatic download option, you will not receive any notification from Intuit.

2. On-demand Update Method

On-demand update method or Immediate method allows you to download the Update directly from Intuit server. It doesn’t demand QuickBooks to be running on your device.

Note: This method can be used even if the Automatic Update Method is enabled.

1. First, open QuickBooks and move to the Help tab.
2. Thereafter select the Update QuickBooks option.
3. Moving ahead, click on Update Now, and choose the Update you want to download to your System.
4. Now, click on Get updates.
Note: You can read the update column to know what is present in the new Update.
5. Click on the Maintenance Release Link, and a new screen will appear with Changes/improvements in the Update.
6. Exit the QuickBooks Program, and open it again.
7. Here you will receive a Install the Update prompt; download it at the same moment or later.
8. After that, install the Update and reboot your System.

3. Manual Updates

To download the QuickBooks SoftwareSoftware manually, you have to go to the Internet and check for the Update on Intuit’s official website.

1. Open Intuit and move to the Download and Updates page.
2. Now, click on Select Country, and hit on it to choose your Country.
3. Thereafter, come to the Select Product drop-down button, and tap on your Product.
4. Next, choose your Version from the Select Version list.
5. Tap on the Search button, and click on the Get the latest Update menu.
6. Now, Save the downloaded file to an easy-to-spot location.
7. At last, launch the downloaded file to install the Update in your System.

Once the Update is complete, reboot your device.

Concluding Note!

At this point, we end this entire post. We hope you can now update your QuickBooks Desktop effortlessly. However, if you find any difficulty while following any step, you can consult our QuickBooks Expert via live chat. These experts will offer you the best possible assistance within the least time.

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