How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6105

Consisting of too many features, QuickBooks is a complex accounting software that satisfies all the needs of the users. Apart from this, there are huge numbers of errors inheres in QuickBooks that sometimes come across. QuickBooks Error 6105 is one such error that generally pops up on the screen and increases the users’ difficulties when working.

You only have to go through this article to know more about this error, like its meaning, causes, and the methods to fix error 6105 of QuickBooks. Please read until the end and get aware of this error completely.

Exposition of Error 6105 of QuickBooks

Another name for this error which it gets famous, is known as Condense Data Error. This name calls it because it arises when the company file gets damaged, faces some internal glitches, and has some unforeseen snags. This error mainly flashes out when you try to gain access to the company file of QuickBooks.

Factors that Trigger QuickBooks Error 6105

A list might form when we look for the reasons responsible for the existence of the 6105 error of QuickBooks. Here we are creating this list of those reasons only for all of you, so please read all these points.

  • The foremost reason for the arrival of the QuickBooks Error 6105 is the failure to open up the QuickBooks company file on which you work.
  • Most people encounter QuickBooks Error 6105 because of the nay damage or corruption that occurred in their company file.
  • The software QuickBooks you are using is not valid or proper, and when the installation process wasn’t completed properly.
  • Another major cause is when the user didn’t open their file extension.


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QuickBooks Error 6105 Rectifying Procedures.

Witnessing this error is not a big issue as it belongs to the category of the general error that everyone faces. The solution to this error is not so difficult to apply; all you need to do is to execute the procedure to rectify QuickBooks Error 6105.

Procedure No. 1: Computer Booting Again

Mostly, all the problems and system-related issues can only get fixed by only rebooting the system again. By doing this, you are forcing pressure on every available app, and it also performs that task through which all the third-party applications that are running in the background get free. This tactic also fixes QuickBooks Error 6105 as it clears out all the running processes or errors from the system. But, if the error still remains in your QuickBooks account even after rebooting the system, then you only have one thing to do: reach the next step.

Procedure No. 2: Run an Inspection to Check Whether the Installation of the Company File Gets Done Properly.

  • To start this procedure, login into your QuickBooks account by entering the credentials, i.e., username and password.
  • Choose your company file and open it.
  • Pick the option “Utility” from the list on the screen.
  • Select the option that lets you create the backup of the company file to which you are zeal to compress.
  • After all this, click on that file to select it, then “verify & host the file” and check.
  • Permit to complete the verification process.

Procedure No. 3: Perform a Clean Installation

The existence of any type of bug, virus, and other small issues can become responsible for some of the major issues. So, by installing QuickBooks again, clear out the changes of the emergence of QuickBooks Error 6105.

  • To initiate, close the window of the QuickBooks desktop.
  • After this, straightly navigate to the control panel and select the option “Programs and Features.”
  • Try to find QuickBooks there and place your cursor on the option to uninstall it.
  • After this, install the QuickBooks software again.
  • Start the software when it gets installed as an administrator, not simply.
  • Succeeding, open the company file that you create in your QuickBooks.

Procedure No. 4: Resolve the 6105 error of QuickBooks by using the Auto Data Recovery Tool

Accepting that your company file or data gets corrupt is not a big thing. So if this is the case and all the solutions mentioned above are not working, then you may try this procedure. Take the help of the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool by downloading it from the official website of Intuit and running it after installing it to fix QuickBooks Error 6105.

Procedure No. 5: Start QuickBooks Desktop as an Admin

You can prevent your company file from getting corrupted on one condition, i.e., when you only run QuickBooks as an administrator.

  • Apply this procedure by firstly closing the opened QuickBooks Desktop Software.
  • After this, click on the icon of the QuickBooks Desktop Software and make the selection of Run as Administrator option.
  • Once you click on it, a dialogue box will pop up on the screen, and you must select yes.

Procedure No. 6: Execute the basic steps for Troubleshooting

  • The first step you need to perform is to copy that particular company file to your desktop.
  • Then, after doing this, try to open that company file in your QuickBooks software.
  • Next to all of these, change the name of .TLG file (to .TLG1 or anything else) and try once again to restart the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • By applying the specified methods, you can easily get rid of this 6105 error in QuickBooks.

Final Words..!

All the procedures in this method that are given to resolve QuickBooks Error 6105 are enough. Besides this, even if you are still encountering the same issue by applying these methods, you should take some more assistance for the same. For this, you can contact us as we are available 24 * 7. Either call us at +1-855-701-2729 or reach out to us through the mail by sending it to

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