Troubleshooting Procedures For Quickbooks error 179 

QuickBooks error 179 is an online banking error that takes place when a user tries to access their bank account through the software. QuickBooks Online banking is an excellent feature in the program that offers a multitude of advantages to the users. Using the banking feature in QuickBooks, you can track your income and expenses, track profit and loss, and measure sales. It is better to keep a separate bank account for business. However, there are multiple factors that can promote error 179 in QuickBooks and prevent you from accessing your data. If you are also stuck at this annoying error, follow the full post to know its workarounds. Let’s start!

What Is QuickBooks Error 179? Explanation

QuickBooks error 179 is a banking error in the program which prevents users from accessing their bank data. The error mainly occurs due to authentication issues when a user tries to log into their bank account. When the error occurs, it gives an error message that reads: Bank Error 179 even while not being logged in. When you are locked out of your bank account, all the bank account activities will also be blocked within the software. Therefore, you need to resolve the QuickBooks bank error as soon as it occurs.

Possible Reasons Behind QuickBooks Banking Error 179

QuickBooks error 179 can take place due to several reasons. They are described for you in the below-given list:

• When entries are missing in the list.
• QuickBooks fatal error, which may lead to a series of issues in the program.
• Transactions are missing from within the database.
• Trouble in locating the company file on the host system.
• Deposited payments are still showing in the Payments to Deposit window.
• When balance sheet information has missing accounts.
• A discrepancy in the report, such as negative values for invoices and bills.
• The balance sheet has an outdated date for the user’s account.

What Signs Does QuickBooks Error 179 Give?

When QuickBooks error 179 appears on your screen, you may experience the below-given symptoms:

• Missing or damaged company files can be an apparent symptom.
• QuickBooks is not responding to the commands, such as mouse clicks or keystrokes.
• Some crucial information is missing from within the program.
• When operating, the program starts yielding the null values.

Troubleshooting Solutions For QuickBooks Error 179

After knowing the possible reasons behind the error, you may now proceed further and perform the troubleshooting solutions. Below are some of the best solutions for the error:

Solution 1: Delete Multiple Instances of Browser Login

First thing first, you need to delete the multiple instances of the browser login. Below are your steps:
• In the first place, you need to sign out of your bank account and you have logged into your Internet browser.
• Thereafter, make sure that your bank account is not logged in by other users when you try to sign in. If your account is logged in by another user, ask that person to sign out.
• After ensuring that no one is logged into your bank account, make a sign-in and check if the QuickBooks error 179 is resolved or not. If not, go to the next solution.

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Solution 2: Clear Your Browser History 

To clear your browsing history, follow the below-explained steps with full attention:

QuickBooks Error 179

• Open Chrome on your device and then proceed to the next step.
• Now go to the Settings option and then click on the more button.
• Thereafter, hit on More Tools and again click on Erase Browsing Data option.
• When clearing your browsing data, you may notice various options, such as cache, cookies, download history, etc.
• Finally, click on the Clear browsing data button, and it will delete the selected items from your browsing history.

Solution 3: Make Sure That The Entered Bank’s Login Credentials Are Correct

If none of the solutions help in the error resolution, you need to make sure that the credentials you are entering for the bank login are correct. To confirm:

• Launch your browser and then go to the bank’s login page.
• When on the sign-in page, enter your correct login details.
• If the credentials log you in the bank account, it means they are correct; update them.
• However, if the credentials are incorrect, you will need to reset your password.

To enter correct login details:

• Open QuickBooks Online and then select the Banking option from the left pane.
• Now you need to locate the erroneous account and then click on the edit icon.
• Thereafter, select the edit sign-in info tab and enter the accurate user name and password of your online banking.
• Once done, update the correct login info and try to reconnect the account.

Following the above-listed steps can help you eliminate the QuickBooks Online error code 179. If the error continues, go to the next solution.

Solution 4: Upgrade Your Bank Data

If you are still getting the error 179 in QuickBooks, upgrade your financial institution’s data and check if it helps in the error resolution. Below are your steps:

• Open QuickBooks Desktop software by double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon from the Start menu.
• Next, hit the Tools option and choose the Online center from within the menu.
• When it shows a list, choose your bank or financial institution.
• Thereafter, press CTRL + F3 keys together.
• Here, you need to set up the profile and branding info you need to update and then click send/update option.
• Now provide the correct password when you are prompted to do so.
• In the end, choose the update now option and add the required information.

Summing Up!

QuickBooks banking error 179 can lock you out of your bank account in QuickBooks, and you may not be able to perform your bank activities. However, this post explains much about this annoying error along with the troubleshooting solutions so that you can get rid of it. If you are still struggling, get help from our experienced professionals using our chat or email assistance channels.

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