How to Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one of the most reliable solutions when it comes to accurate employee payroll management. Besides, you can also generate pay stubs that comply with the regulations of the respective state. If you are not sure what pay stubs are or how to get them printed, here is a helpful guide for you. Read this post until the end to learn how to print Pay Stubs QuickBooks.

What Are Pay Stubs?

Before proceeding any further, let’s understand the term pay stubs. In simple words, pay stubs are a breakdown of the employee’s earnings they are getting in your organization. This breakdown may include taxes applicable and various others.

In QuickBooks, a pay stub is created in a PDF format. This paycheck is printable and resembles that of a check. The detailed information given on the pay stubs ensures that your employee is being paid correctly, including the tax details that are withheld by them and the employer.

As per the regulations of the respective states, pay stubs may also include data showing sick leaves and vacations as applicable to the employee.

How do I print pay stubs QuickBooks?

Now that you are aware of the pay stubs, we can proceed further to print the pay stubs from within the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service. It enables you to create multiple pay stubs in a single go and print them all at once.

QuickBooks pay stubs include the company name, official address, and contact number of the employee both at the bottom and top of every pay stub. It is better to use blank paper instead of check stock when creating or printing pay stubs.

Below is how to print paystubs of paychecks in QuickBooks:

1: Enable QuickBooks Payroll Service 

In the first place, you need to make sure that the QuickBooks Payroll service is enabled. To confirm, move your cursor to the workers you may locate on the left side of the screen and then click Employees.

2: Choose Pay Stubs

Next, go to the File menu and move your cursor to Print Forms. Here, you need to choose Pay Stubs. Print pay stubs are located underneath the File menu in QuickBooks.

3: Choose Bank Account Related To QuickBooks Payroll

Choose your payroll bank account and then enter the data range for the pay date of the pay stubs.

4: Filer Individual Employees For Pay Stubs

Moving ahead, you need to choose the pay stubs you want to print from the column next to the preferred date. Thereafter, you may choose to filter individual employees or choose from the drop-down located underneath the Employees section.

5: Print Company Info/Employee Detail

Once done, go to Preferences and print company info and details of the employee on the pay stub.

6: Enter Message On Company Dialogue Box

Here, you may include the message that you think should be sent with each of the pay stubs. This message will also be printed on all the pay stubs boxes.

7: Preview Your Pay Stubs and Print 

After entering all the required information and message for the pay stub, you need to give it a final view. To do so, you need to click on the Preview option. Give a final check using this option, and then hit Print to complete the procedure.

How to Print An Individual Pay Stub in QuickBooks?

Below are the steps for you if you want to print individual paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop:

• From within the QuickBooks Desktop application, open Paycheck.
• After that, choose the print icon and choose the Pay Stub you want to print.
• Once chosen, just hit the Print option, and it is done.

How To Send Pay Stubs Via QuickBooks Online?

We have discussed the procedure for how I print pay stubs. However, you may also deliver pay stubs to the employees via QuickBooks Online. To do so, you need to verify with your state’s regulation if they permit the online transfer of the pay stub or not.

It is possible that your employee needs a sort of declaration form to agree to receive their pay stubs digitally. After verifying it with the respective state regulation, follow the below-given steps:

• Ensure that you have created the profiles of your employees in QuickBooks.
• After that, invite your employees to check their pay stubs and W-2s online. Before sending the W-2s digitally, you need to have your employees.
• Now enter the employee’s official email ID and checkmark the box beside it, which will redirect them to the QuickBooks Workforce site.
• Your employees can view their pay stubs by logging into their QuickBooks once you have added the payroll. You may also customize the options for them. For instance, you may enable the email notification once a new pay stub is generated.
• To turn it on, you need to select “send me an email when new pay stubs are available”.

Can You Reprint Paystubs in QuickBooks?

Yes! You can reprint paystubs in QuickBooks if you want. Below are the steps:

• First of all, you need to open your QuickBooks Online dashboard.
• Now from within the navigation menu, click Reports.
• Next, you need to look for Payroll Cheque List using the search bar.
• When the pay cheque list appears, you can filter to locate the paycheques and paystubs you want to re-print.
• Thereafter, check off the employees you’d like to re-print the pay stubs for.
• Now click the Print button.
• QuickBooks will not generate a PDF of the paystubs/paycheques.
• Save the document as a PDF to conclude the task.

In Conclusion!

This post can help you in creating and print pay stubs in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. If all this while you thought it to be a demanding task, this post can make it easier for you. However, if you are facing any technical unease in performing the steps, our team of professionals can help. They can help you with step-by-step assistance so that you can do it yourself with the utmost ease.

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