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What Should You Put on an Invoice in QuickBooks?

Confused on how to create an invoice of your business to keep a good and systematical track of your accounts receivable? If yes, then drop all your worries now as we are here to resolve all your issues in just a few easy steps. There are various ways in which you can easily create a professional looking invoice on QuickBooks. Let us guide you on how to create an invoice from scratch. So, let’s get started!

Step 1 : Go to the Home Screen or customer’s Menu.

Step 2 : Click on Job drop-down Menu from customer menu to select the right customer job.

Step 3 : If the customer’s job is not specified there, then click on Add NEW to add one.

Step 4 : Fill in the appropriate details on the top of the Invoice. These details may include Date Invoice #, Bill to/Sold to, and Terms.

Step 5 : This is an optional step if you want to add a discount option to the Invoice. Create a discount item by following the steps listed below!

  • Go to the Lists Menu from the Home screen.
  • Click on Item List.
  • Right click anywhere on the screen for popup and select New from there.
  • Click on Type to open the drop down menu and from there, select Discount.
  • Input Item name or number and then add a brief description for that.
  • Input the Discount amount or the percentage in the field of Amount or %.
  • From the drop down Menu of Account, select the income account that you want to use to track the Discount that you are offering to your customers.
  • Select the right tax code for the product.
  • Click OK.

Step 6 : Now, you are all done with your Invoice. So, Click on Save and Close to successfully save the changes.

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