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How Much Does it Cost to Get QuickBooks Online Certified?

To become a certified QuickBooks online user, you need to become pass an exam. After passing the exam, you will be entitled as a certified QuickBooks online user.
After passing the exam, there are two types of certification options. First is Quickbooks Online Certification and another is Quickbooks Online Advanced Certification.

Quickbooks Online Certification is the best for:

  • Minimal used services to serve clients in a better way
  • Gaining knowledge on sales and purchase as well as payment management
  • Gain Knowledge over-reporting and resolution

Quickbooks Online Advanced Certification is best for:

  • To Gain high-end knowledge to offer the best service available
  • Problem troubleshooting and advanced
  • Manage complex and typical dialogues
  • To gain in-depth knowledge of more advanced features of QuickBooks online.

The Sum of Cost to Become an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User is 149 dollars.

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